Sigma 20% Off Coupon Labor Day Eyeshadow Sale

Update. Please visit the Sigma coupons page for updated coupons and free gift details.

Sigma Labor Day Sale offers a 20% off Sigma coupon code for all eyeshadows

In celebration of Labor Day, Sigma offers a 20% off coupon code that gives you 20% off all individual eyeshadows. This Sigma coupon applies to individual eyeshadows only and not eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow bases, any or other brushes or products. For other Sigma coupons that will work for all products, check out the Sigma coupon page for the full list of offers updated daily.

SAVE20LD - Take 20% off all individual eyeshadows when you use the coupon code SAVE20LD at checkout. For the 10% off coupon code and this month's free gift details, see the Sigma coupon page. (This offer begins 08/30/2013 and ends 09/2/2013.)

Unfortunately, the 20% off Sigma coupon is not combinable with the monthly 10% off Sigma coupon. That said, if you are planning to stock up on a few individual eyeshadows, Sigma's Labor Day sale will be a decent enough deal. You will still get a free gift if your order is $30 or greater before shipping/taxes fees.

Holiday sales used to be a lot more exciting to me. I feel as though they have dwindled down a little these past few years. Whether it is because there have been a lot more sales or because the deals are not that enticing, I'm not sure. It's always great to catch a sale when you were going to make an order anyway, but no sale has made me feel the need to buy something that I wasn't originally going to purchase anyway. But maybe that's a good thing!

What are your opinions? Do you take advantage of sales to buy things you hadn't planned on buying? What sale excites you the most?

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