Braided Updo, Ribbon Elastics, Guilt-free Tiramisu Weekend

This gorgeous summer weather is lending itself to another wonderfully scrumptious Saturday. There are a lot of fun celebrations this weekend and I am enjoying the good eats and styles that come along with it. Looking for something fun this weekend? Try some new hairdos, recipes and accessories. It doesn't matter if you are at the beach or at home, these treats are sure to be enjoyable.

1. I love the braided updo worn by Emma Watson to her Bling Ring rep carpet premiere. Use this short tutorial for an inspired braided updo that's great for the boardwalk:
  1. Blow-dry hair loosely with a 2 inch round brush.
  2. Lightly layer in texurizer or hairspray for extra texture and grip.
  3. Using a fine-tooth comb, make a deep side part.
  4. Brush the hair through to the back on both sides and secure each with a hair tie to keep them separated.
  5. Unfasten the hair tie on one side and begin French braiding just above the ear, working down to the nape of the neck. Fasten with the hair tie.
  6. Repeat this process on the opposite side but divide the hair into two sections to allow you to braid two narrower lines on this side.
  7. Once the three pieces have been braided to the nape of the head, merge the remaining hair together and braid in the middle to the end of the pony
  8. Once the braid is finished, twist the hair into a bun at the base of the neck.
  9. Secure the braid bun with a few bobby pins.

2. Jessica over at Dessert with Benefits cooked up a scrumptiously breathtaking tiramisu that is sugar-free and no bake! For someone who dislikes the hassle of an oven, that is double yum! Get the recipe here.

3. I'm not sure what I was doing using those rounded elastic hair ties before, but these new elastic ribbon ties are the new deal. They work just as well as the original round scrunchie ones - plus they can be tied like a bow tie! This is the perfect non-accessory hair accessory. There are hundreds of vendors on Etsy, but you can also buy the standard Ouchless ribbon elastics from your local drugstore.

4. Once you make your own pizza dough, you'll never want to go back to store bought pizza dough. In the same sense, you'll never need another pizza once you try pesto pizza. I found this delicious grilled goat cheese and pesto recipe by Jenna Webber here.