Favorite Holiday Things & Recommendations June 2013

beach cupcakes and beauty lovelies

1. Summer on the Shore. This lovely beach view was from my hotel room (which I received from a generous upgrade). I love spending my days on the beach. It's partially because of the lovely sun and mostly due to the fact that time spent on the beach is time not spent working and frantically checking emails. Speaking of, I am really behind on email correspondences, so please be patient with me if you contacted me and haven't heard back yet. I spent all week on the beach and am still easing out of vacation mode. 

2. Revercel Triple Duty Sunscreen. I have been using this Revercel sunscreen and tint (review here) as my go to foundation for my "good skin" days. It gives off an amazingly natural and dewey glow. I have been wanting to try the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation for the dewey look, but I think I will save myself the $40 and stick to this spf 45 tint for the summer months.

3. Sigma Eye Shadow Base. I pack light when I am on vacation. These Sigma eyeshadow bases (swatches and review here) are the perfect eyeshadow and base for the shore. They are lightweight, pigmented and can be used as eyeshadows and/or base. Granted they are not completely waterproof, but they lasted well for me under the hot sun.

4. Birthday Cupcakes. There are very few things I enjoy more than a scrumptious red velvet cupcake. I enjoyed this one on my birthday and indulged in some unhealthy treats and drinks. I won't regret this one because vacation is supposed to be filled with guilty indulgences!

relaxing drink
I told you I haven't been very good about my choice of diet. This is another indulgence I've thoroughly enjoyed but am determined to cut out after vacation. Drinking is not something I would ever recommend, but some mixes are definitely fun for special events and holidays.

What are some of your favorite products, things to do or places to visit for holidays, birthdays and events? Remember to enjoy the warm sun while it's still out!


  1. That cupcake looks divine! I love red velvet!

  2. They are one of my favorite snacks!