What Gets You Noticed?

What do you notice
What do you notice about others? What do they see in you?

What is the first thing people notice about you? Is it your dazzling smile? Your perfume? Your fashionable outfits? Or maybe everything at once? I asked my best friend what she noticed about me the first time we met. And she is a dear friend - no matter how blunt she gets.

Me: What was the first thing you noticed about me when we first met?
Em: I thought you were a bit dazed - but had nice hair! That's right. I noticed the nice hair first, but you were totally just spacing out.

Me: I think I was trying to concentrate on studying or something, wasn't I?
Em: Nope, it was like the opposite. You didn't notice me until I spoke up.

Me: Oops! Well, glad you like the hair. What did you like about it?
Em: I don't know. It was straight and neat and looked really healthy and shiny.

Me: I think I had it permed straight the previous week. What else did you notice?
Em: You were nice, friendly and easy enough to get along with. I was pretty nervous about getting the roommate from hell that everyone kept talking about. Glad you seemed so normal.

Me: So of the things you initially noticed, what did you like about me?
Em: Well, you I really enjoyed your sense of humor. It was barely existent, but that made it all the better. You have weird little quirks like enjoying corners and solitude. It was different, but I really got used to it.

Me: Did you notice anything you didn't like?
Em: You just opened a whole can of worms there! I was super annoyed when you kept typing and typing and typing who-knows-what all morning long, every morning. I was not a morning person before I met you, but I had to adjust eventually. Now I'm glad to be up in the early morning - but oh was it annoying for those first two months! Do I get to ask questions now?

Me: Sorry, it's a one way street.
Em: Then I want a writer's credit!

Thanks to my friend Emily for participating in this Q and A with me. What's interesting about her answer is that the first thing she noticed was my hair. The first thing I noticed about her was her hair as well! I always get jealous of curly hair because my hair can't curl. It will twist and turn, but never curl do make waves or keep any definition. Maybe we're all a little obsessed with hair?


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