Best of Kabuki Brushes: What Type Should You Get?

What kind of kabuki brush do I need? Which is the best brush to buy if I only want one brush? These are some questions I have been asked ever since Sigma released their whole lot of kabuki brushes. (I'm talking to you, Synthetic Kabuki Kit.)

Some of my favorite kabuki makeup brushes in the world.
The five kabuki brushes I use most often - as evident by the discoloration. (They're all dirty right now, but watch out for my "brush cleansing" post.) From left to right: two Sigma F80 brushes, Sigma F82, Sigma F84 and IT Cosmetics flat top kabuki brush.

Kabuki brushes used to be the standard round brush. Now they come in various types, including: flat top, round top, angled top and tapered top. The idea is the same, but the application processes and usages differ slightly. Unless you're a professional makeup artist or some sort of odd brush lover (raises hand), you will not need all four brushes.

As evident from the fact that I have three flat top kabuki brushes in my often used brushes selection, the flat top kabuki brush is my favorite kabuki brush. (For the Sigma brands, that is the Sigma F80 brush, which roughly translates to the MAC 180 and MAC 183 - both discontinued.) The flat top brush applies makeup quickly, evenly and thoroughly. It makes a smooth application and finish simple. If you want one face brush, let it be a flat top kabuki brush unless you use a lot of mineral makeup. The rounded kabuki works a little better with a rounded kabuki brush.

Best Kabuki Brush Sigma, MAC and IT Cosmetics
The Sigma F80 is by far my favorite makeup brush. From left to right: two Sigma F80 brushes, Sigma F82, Sigma F84 and IT Cosmetics flat top kabuki brush.

The angled kabuki brush is convenient for contouring the side of the face, but it isn't anything a flat top brush can't do. The tapered kabuki brush is a total splurge item, in my opinion. It's unnecessary and not something I ever reach for. It's purpose is to reach hard to reach nooks, but I just use smaller brushes for that.

A quick view of the flat top kabuki brushes. On the left is the IT Cosmetics flat top brush and on the right is the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush.

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  1. I have the F80 and I just adore this brush. The application is flawless.

  2. I agree completely! And since I'm too lazy to clean my brush every day, I keep two F80 on my desk. :D

  3. Katherine, thank you for clarification!