Sigma Eyeshadow Base Swatches, Reviews, Photos

The Sigma Eye Shadow Bases have just been officially released on the Sigma website today and already I've noticed people comparing these eyeshadow bases to MAC paint pots. I just want to clear things up a bit with a brief Sigma eyeshadow base review and photo swatches. Notice that I said brief - because I haven't had the time to test out the longevity of these eyeshadow bases. This review is mostly an overview and thoughts on first impressions, but I thought readers should get an opinion of the product before anyone rushes out to order loads of anything.

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Swatches
As always, Sigma's makeup presentation and packaging is intricately beautiful.

Sigma currently has nine eyeshadow bases that are sold in kits of three ($36 each kit) or sold individually ($13 each base). Swatches and photos of all the bases are shown below:

Sigma Eye Shadow Base Review
The Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Bare contains Persuade (matte nude), Pose (shimmery brown) and Sculpt (shimmery charcoal).

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Bare Swatches
From left to right: swatches of PersuadePose and Sculpt

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Dare Review
The Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Dare contains Unveil (a shimmery gold), Strike (shimmery burgundy) and Dash (matte plum).

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Unveil Strike Dash Swatches
From left to right: swatches of UnveilStrikeDash

Eyeshadow Base Review of Flare
The Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Flare contains Provoke (Matte nude-peach), Spy (duo-chrome green-maroon), Pursue (shimmery purple).

Sigma Eye Shadow Base Swatches of Provoke, Spy and Pursue
From left to right: swatches of ProvokeSpyPursue

All three Sigma Eye Shadow Base kits are beautiful and I'm glad I pre-ordered all of the bases last week to review on Handmade Reviews. They are water-resistant, smooth and light-weight as far as I can tell. They definitely help eyeshadows adhere to the skin very well. I haven't tested all the Sigma eyeshadow bases on my eyelids for going out, so I can't say anything for sure, but I definitely like everything I've seen so far. For my initial review, I'll give this collection 5 stars.

Everyone's favorite seems to be the Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Bare. Persuade is eerily similar to MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. It's completely matte, so it doesn't glow and stand out like the rest of the bases, but it blends well and sits naturally on the skin. Pose, a beautiful shimmery brown, is probably my go-to color for the darker neutral looks.It can be an eyeshadow base and or just as easily an eyeshadow itself. Sculpt is a beautiful, blendable shimmery black eyeshadow base. I personally do not wear dark eyeshadows, but this base can definitely be incorporated for smokey eye looks.

My personal favorite eyeshadow base kit is the Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Dare. The beautiful shimmery gold of Unveil makes it wearable, versatile, and probably one of the most beautiful. Strike is such a charming, warm and unique burgundy color that I can't help but swatch it over and over again. And I just adore plum shades, so I definitely find the shimmery purple Dash quite dashing.

When it comes to the Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kit in Flare, I was hoping to be excited.  was not exactly disappointed, but let's just say that this is my least favorite kit. Provoke, is one of the more wearable of the eye shadow bases. I might even recommend it as a top choice for those who don't own any primer. It's easy to use and won't stand out too much. And then there is Spy, that special duo-chrome green maroon primer. I'm not sure if I am in love with this shade or despise it totally. Sometimes it looks beautiful, colorful, iridescent almost. Sometimes it just looks like a muddy mixture of brown and green. I think it all depends on lighting, skin tone and the quantity applied. I haven't quite mastered the art of using duo-chrome colors. Spy is definitely a color worth trying and if you have many eyeshadow bases, you should consider adding this unique shade to your collection. If you're browsing for just one or two bases, however, I would suggest a more versatile color. Pursue is a lovely shimmery purple eyeshadow base. I really like this color, but I feel that it is slightly overshadowed by the even more dashing plum shade.

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kits

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Kits in Bare, Dare and Flare

Sigma Primer Kit comes with an eyeshadow base brush

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Brush picks up color wonderfully.

If you are going to get one kit, I would recommend Dare. It is the least wearable since it doesn't contain a light neutral color, but all three bases are unique and beautiful. As for individual bases, it is up to your personal taste. Persuade and Provoke are both light, matte and easy to wear for new base users. My two personal favorites are Unveil and Pose.
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  1. The names of the eyeshadow base are so cute :) I ordered Dare can't wait till it arrives!!! Thanks for the amazing swatches :)

  2. They are, aren't they? And great taste! Dare is my favorite! :)

  3. Procrast1nato22/04/2013 11:30 PM

    The packaging for these is really cute!I Funny enough, I wish all three of the middle colours came in one palette!

  4. Haha, yes well, buying individually is a good option too. Each palette only saves about $3 off anyway. :)

  5. I don't see the sigma bare eyeshadow base kit on the website anymore. Are they sold out? Do you know when they are coming back?