Red Carpet Beauty Essentials

What beauty products would you indulge in if you were to walk the red carpet? I recently got my hands on some beauty essentials great for glamorous events such as award and fashion shows!

Whether you are attending a fancy event, award show, fashion show or conventional party, your picture will probably be taken at one point or another - which is why a beautiful smile should be the most important concern. (I've had my fair share of cropping out unflattering outfits or hairstyles in photos, but the face and smile is not exactly something one can leave out!)

Glam Beauty Board Red Carpet 2013
Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide 2 Hour Whitening Kit, Rembrandt Deeply White + Peroxide Mouthwash Rembrandt and Deeply White + Peroxide Toothpaste in Fresh Mint

As I will be attending a big event this Saturday, I have been very diligent with my teeth whitening routine. I'm usually quite lazy with it, but this set of Rembrandt Whitening Kit, Mouthwash and Peroxide Toothpaste has really inspired me to keep my teeth almost glaringly white. The combination of the mouthwash, whitening kit and toothpaste in the past week has left my teeth whiter than it has ever been. I'm actually really surprised that the effects were so noticeable by the end of just one week!

Glam Beauty Board Red Carpet
AHA Brazilian Peel with Advanced Renewal Serum

Beautiful smile? Check. Next, we want beautiful, glowing skin! The AHA Brazilian Peel utilizes glycolic acid to peel dead skin cells and renew the skin. The kit comes with four "syringe" for four glycolic peels. The advanced renewal serum is a light serum meant to seal in moisture, repair damaged skin and stimulate cell renewal. I've used two syringes so far and don't find the peel to especially strong, but it does make my skin look fresh and renewed the very next day. I exfoliate regularly, so I think the effects of any peel will be less pronounced on me. The serum itself is light and feels great on the skin after the peel.

Red Carpet Beauty Essentials
Remington Curling Wand

Included in this Red Carpet kit is a Remington Curling Wand. This wand does not include a clamp - which is why I really like it! I find clamps on curling iron to be more of a hassle than anything. The curling wand also comes with a glove so you don't burn your hand while curling. (It's always good to take precaution.)

Glam Beauty Board 2013
Also included in the Red Carpet kit: R.J. Granazno "Star Attraction" Large Stone Medallion Drop Earrings, Hollywood Fashion Tape, KHROMA Beauty Lash Dash Faux Lashes - Sidelong Glance Set, Bite Beauty Cinnamon Pumping Lip Oil, Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipe

The R.J. Granazno earrings are definitely a statement jewelry. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but it's unique, fabulous and definitely something I will be wearing this weekend. The Hollywood Fashion Tape, although great for parties and big events, is really useful to carry in any purse. Sometimes dresses slip, things rip or hang in unflattering ways. This tape adheres to clothing and skin well and is great for any quick outfit fix. And although I don't tend to wear false lashes, I find the KHROMA Faux Lashes kit to be an excellent kit for its price ($10). The kit includes a pair of false eyelashes and two eyeshadows to compliment it.

Glam Red Carpet
KHROMA Beauty Lash Dash Faux Lashes - Sidelong Glance Set and Eyeshadow Swatches

Next we have the Bite Beauty Cinnamon Pumping Lip Oil. This pumping lip oil keeps pumps the lips slightly while keeping lips moist. Many lip pumping items dry the lips out, but as this product is oil, it retains moisture well. Finally, I would like to talk about one of my favorite item: the Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipe. It is an eco-friendly, natural face wipe that removes makeup very well. I keep this near my bed for those lazy days when I just want to wipe my face and pass out.
Glam Beauty Board 2013
Disclosure: This post mentions product(s) sent to me as a part of the Glam Beauty Board program. All opinions are my own and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Glam or any of the aforementioned brands.

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  1. The R.J. Granazno "Star Attraction" Large Stone Medallion Drop Earrings are cute! I love Josie Maran products especially the Argan Oil.