What Is Your Unique, One-of-a-Kind Style?

My style does not reflect a static trend at all as it regularly changes with my mood. I don't believe in a wearing the same look indefinitely, but rather like to incorporate different styles and trends. I love to try new things, daring and strange - but I also regularly enjoy throwing on over-sized cardigans and chunky sweaters for a casual and comfortable look.

Jewelry Stacking

One of the style I enjoy the most is stacking jewelry pieces. I love mixing and matching different metals and styles. I also sometimes stack multiple watches together. It's a little unconventional, but definitely a good topic of conversation.

Eyeliner Style

My makeup is often simple and minimal, but dark eyeliners are definitely my go-to party and fun look. I am always in search of dark eye liners. (The lighter colors just won't do for me!) For changes, I just alternate between thin lines, thicker lines, etc. A bright red lipstick is also something I thoroughly enjoy using to play with a look. Red lipsticks definitely change a look - and also give the illusion of a whiter, brighter smile!

Overall, I would say that more often use makeup and accessories to spruce up an outfit rather than let a particular dress or shirt just be. I love wearing the same dress various different styles and styling it differently with accessories so that any outfit can go from casual to dressy!

So let us all know: What is your unique style? Are there many looks you particularly enjoy wearing or is there a unique style that defines you? Be sure to check back to read more about one-of-a-kind styles and learn how you can win one of thirty amazing prizes from the Diet Dr Pepper Sweepstakes starting March 4th!

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