Sigma Discount Code August 2012 Coupon, Giveaway, Sigma Brow Kit

It's August already. I have for you today new Sigma makeup coupon codes, giveaways and updates on new Sigma Beauty makeup releases.

1. Sigma Brushes August 2012 10% off Discount Code

SAVE2012 » - Take 10% off your entire Sigma purchase with no minimum required. Click on the coupon link, apply code SAVE2012 at checkout, and also get a FREE eyeshadow or travel brush ($30). (Valid through August 31, 2012.)

Sigma August 2012 Promo Codes

2. Sigma Beauty August 2012 Giveaway

Sigma Gift Card Giveaway 2012

Sigma monthly giveaways will now be hosted on Twitter and Google Plus. Please click here to read more about this month's gift card giveaway. We're giving away $60 worth of gift cards this month and it takes a few seconds to enter!

Please remember to leave some feedback. We would like to feature new giveaways, but we need to know what you like. Maybe suggest prizes or entry methods to us? Good karma may come your way. ;)

3. Sigma 2012 Makeup Releases

The Sigma Expert Brow Design Kit was released by Sigma last week. A lot of Sigma fans seem to really enjoy it. What do you think? Was it worth the wait? Worth the $59 plus shipping?

Sigma Brow Kit

Disclosure: Handmade Reviews is a proud supporter and affiliate of Sigma Beauty.


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