Sigma Performance Eyes Kit (March 5, 2012)

On March 5th, Sigma Beauty will be launching the new Performance Eyes Kit. The Performance Eyes Kit consists of eight new makeup brushes and was designed for precise application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined areas of the eyes. These brushes, perfect for detailed and defined makeup application, are essential for creating elaborate professional makeup looks.

Sigma Coupon March 2012

This new Sigma brush kit includes:
  • E11 Eye Liner
  • E16 Tightline Liner 
  • E17 Waterline Liner 
  • E21 Smudge Brush 
  • E36 Blending 
  • E46 Shader - Inner Corner 
  • E56 Shader - Lid 
  • E47 Shader - Crease 
The full product review and photos will be released on launch date. Click here to read the full review.
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  1. I love Sigma brushes, but after my bad experience (brush bleeding while cleaning) on the black haired ones, I won't buy any of these anymore. I just buy the bi-colored or white ones.

  2. This kit look so gorgeous! Love it!

  3. Those DO look like some awesome brushes! I like using smudge brushes on my eyes since I find so many eyeshadow brushes bulky.

  4. I agree, some eye brushes are just too big and bulky!

  5. Well! i am also agreed with the opinion that some eye brushes look too big for eyes. But on the other side, the makeup man must know about the art of how to do extra ordinary makeup or even required one as well. You should also focus on sharing of some useful tips regarding makeup, most importantly the daily makeup. Hope to catch you with new stuff very soon

  6. Very beautiful brushes.