My Dearest Makeup Bags

As part of my initiative to use up all of my old makeup, I've been digging through my closet for cute, yet reasonably sized makeup bags to store my must-use makeup. I know I'm on a makeup ban, but reviewing my old makeup bags makes me realize that I want more of them. Shopping: it's an illness.

Makeup Cases I'm Loving:

Best Makeup Bag
Urban Outfitters Trompe L'oeil Pencil Case
A pencil case, really, but it's chic, cute, adorably tiny and a perfect storage solution for the smaller handbags. I love the France postage on it. The quality, like most cute Urban Outfitters accessories, isn't superb, but it reminds me of the postage accessories line by La Don Don.

Glamour Makeup Bag
Glamour Makeup Bag
I can't remember exactly when I got this bag, though I think it was a gift from Glamour Magazine. I love the look and feel of recycled materials that makes up the bag. This case feels sturdy, but is light and casual. It fits all of my makeup and my regular sized makeup brushes.

Makeup Cases I've Retired:
2012 Retired Makeup Case
Victoria's Secret Love Pink Makeup Bag
One of my dearest of all makeup bags. It's sleek, yet surprisingly big. It folds, bends, and has lived through numerous coffee spills and flight falls. I've retired this bag from storing my makeup, but I've turned it into a storage case for my Nikon so I can still hang out with it daily.

February 2012 Retired Case
Hold Me Bag
Nothing against this beauty (you know I love it), but it's just too big to use on a regular basis now. I use it to store some of my makeup collection, but I wouldn't carry this around with me, even for long travel trips. (Okay, maybe for those really long trips that'll necessitate me to bring 5 foundations, 20 lipsticks, etc.)


  1. Love those bags!


  2. Thanks! I do too! ;)

  3. love the bags :)
    the UO makeup bag is really cute :)
    i love VS makeup bag too, have it in PINK , it's really big and it can store alot of makeup :)

  4. Yea, it's a great bag. I bought a pink one for a friend and she loved it!

  5. Love the bags! I have the VS one in pink and I use it all the time. It's so surprisingly roomy.

  6. Yep, it's one I always return to :)

  7. The bags are so cute! I love the envelope one!