Makeup Ideas for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Makeup for Glasses
Image courtesy of CND.
Glasses wearers like to wear fun makeup too. As I have worn glasses for a good part of my life, I get that. It's difficult to not feel a little geeky in glasses sometimes, but here are some good tips that'll keep you looking your best:

Try to use neutral colors and avoid too much glitter or shine. According to Bobbi Brown, "Wearing glasses draws plenty of attention to your eyes, so it’s best to keep your eye makeup simple. Stick to neutral shades on the eyes but remember to blend a darker color into your crease for added definition. Save the bright, bold colors for lips."

Use mascara, but look for non-smudging, waterproof formulas. Mascara will help define your eyes, but be careful because it might rub onto your glasses or smudge throughout the day. Use a waterproof formula and wait until your mascara is completely dry before putting your glasses on.

Make sure your brows are well defined because the glass frames draw attention to them. Shaping and redefining your brows to suit the frame of your face will make your glasses appear quirky and fitting rather than out of place.

Most glasses make your eyes appear bigger, but there are some prescriptions that will give the illusion of smaller eyes. If this is the case, you can line your eyes a little darker or bolder to give it the definition it needs.


  1. Great tips! I can't definitely past this on to my sister :)

  2. Thanks for the detailed tips, I am wearing glasses since college!

  3. What kind of glasses are those? Who are they by?