Klix Makeup Brushes: Replaceable brush heads?

As I already own a lot of makeup brushes, news of new ones don't interest me like they used to. When I was asked to try the Klix makeup brushes, however, I was excited. I had never heard of them prior to this, and was surprise when I read that they were, to simply put it, replaceable brushes. Now, you don't actually replace the entire brushes, just the brush heads. The idea is that once worn out and dirty, the old brush head can be recycled and a new one can be attached. It's sanitary and convenient. Some studies show that many women don't clean their brushes - so this is one solution.

Klix Makeup Brushes (Set of 3 with 6 replacement heads) $59.95

The brush kit I received came with 3 different brushes and 6 replacement heads, making for what is actually 9 brushes. Replacement brushes afterwards would cost from $10-$12 per pair. So let's assume that each brush costs $5.50 (but keep in mind that prices do vary by brush). That is not a bad price for good quality brushes, assuming that these brushes will last through the snapping on and off of the replacement heads. I question the longevity because these brushes don't feel as sturdy as solid brushes. I can feel a bit of movement where the head and body of the brush meet.

Replacement heads come in their own boxes so you can pull them out when you need to replace.

I have been using the foundation/concealer brush a lot lately and I like it (although not as much as my Sigma F80). I almost always wash my brushes daily, but I like the idea of disposable brushes because you can only wash something so many times before it becomes a mess.

Bristles are incredibly soft.

The replacement heads are easy to exchange as you can just snap them on or off. They feel secure, although I do not know how long they will last. My suggestion is that you don't play with the them unless you are replacing the brush heads.

These brushes didn't come with cleaning instructions. I hope people do not get the idea that they can simply replace brush heads every few months and be done with it. You should still clean (or at least spot clean and sanitize). These brushes are great for people who do not clean their brushes, but almost impractical for those who maintain good brush care. They are good quality and priced well, I'll give them that. Alternatively to using replaceable brush heads, however, you can buy cheaper brushes like EcoTools and replace them every few months.

What are your thoughts on these makeup brushes?
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  1. Sounds like a good idea but I'd have to try them myself to give an honest opinion of them. I like to recycle as much as possible so I like that aspect of it that you can throw out just the head of the brush and not the entire thing but I think also the throwing away aspect of it is also wasting money. Better to buy better quality brushes that last years rather than brush heads you throw away often, unless you don't clean your brushes as often as you should. I clean mine once a week but that's only because I have two sets of brushes to be able to do that but I still don't have a complete set and have brushes from ELF, Real Techniques and Avon.

  2. Karen,
    I agree with you that it would be better to invest in a lasting brush. It is always good practice to clean something you use daily. I can only see Klix working really well for people who really do not clean their brushes.

  3. Replaceable brush heads seem like a good idea, but getting one brush that will last you longer is even better! :) Heheh

  4. Amyboo,
    I definitely agree. I think that the majority of beauty bloggers and addicts are willing to invest in a good brush and clean their brushes often. The market for these replaceable makeup brush heads are not quite us.

  5. me too. i agree to amyboo :)but yea, nice idea

  6. they dont look very thick, in fact they look quite thin, i do loke the whiteness of the bristles but will they stay white when mac razin blush is applied daily? i dont know

    people who dont wash brushes should just wash them. i didnt know this at the time but one of best friends has never washed her brushes.. for like 2 years!!! i was wondering round and commented at how dirty her foundation brush was and said she must use it alot cos i was mine atleast once a week (cos i have multiple) and she said shes never washed.. and wait for it.. its so she still has foundation on her brush if/when she ever runs out of it so she can wet the brush and use it... umm GROSSSSS.

    these look okay, but the concept sounds like a novelty :/
    Breezeybee Blog

  7. BreezyBee,
    I only used a light liquid mineral foundation and instantly the brush stained. I felt compelled to wash them - so I did.

    Haha, that is pretty gross! I say you get her some sort of brush washing soap for Christmas. :D

  8. To me it sounds convenient for those who travel often and don't really have a lot of time to wash their brushes so often or just don't want to ruin their good brush.

    But other than that I think that these are pretty much just novelty items for those who are too young to need to use make up anyways.

    They are an interesting new concept but when you think about it.. they will most likely just be a fad as most things in the fashion industry are.
    Anyone who is actually 'passionate' about beauty and serious about there make up application would just invest in a decent brush and clean it properly I'm guessing?
    As I said, the concept is interesting but I don't think this will be very popular with time.

  9. I think this is a great idea! I am a career girl and am always on the go so it would be nice not to have to worry about whether or not my brushes will be dry after a cleaning before I need to use them again.
    I also think that the white hair would be a helpful reminder to replace the dirty head.

    I think I'm going to have to try Klix. Where can I buy them?

  10. Anon,
    You can buy it on klixbrushes.com - I will update the review with a link for you guys.

  11. Oooo these sound cool. I kind of want to cuddle with those brush heads, they look SO soft! I may have to try these.

  12. Kate,
    Haha :D They remind me of my Body Shop bristles.

  13. Oh..they look great.


  14. the same here, like Amyboo. Nice post anyway.