MAC Posh Paradise Collection: Fall 2011 (Launches September 15 - November 10)

MAC Posh Paradise launches in North America starting September 15, 2011 and internationally starting October 2011. This collection will feature 10 lipsticks, 8 paint pots, and 2 nail lacquers.


$14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

Naked Bliss, Rare Exotic, Legendary, Unknown Pleasures, Seeds of Desire

Eden Rouge, Delectable, Potent Fig, Deliciously Forbidden, Fresh Amour

Naked Bliss - Neutral light pink
Rare Exotic - Bright mid-tone blue pink
Legendary - Mid-tone brick red
Unknown Pleasures - Deep red blue
Seeds of Desire - Deep brown plum
Eden Rouge Bright blue-red
Delectable - Orange-beige
Potent Fig - Deep blue grape
Deliciously Forbidden - Midtone berry
Fresh Amour - Light lavender


$17.50 U.S./$21.00 CDN

Treasure Hunt, Nubile, Idyllic, Pure Creation,
Genuine Treasure, Half-Wild, Hyper violet, Imaginary

Treasure Hunt - Light pearled yellow
Half-Wild - Mid-tone purple
Hyperviolet - Deep violet
Nubile - Light peachy nude
Idyllic - Mid-tone copper bronze
Genuine Treasure - Reflects antique gold
Pure Creation - Mid-tone frosty blue
Imaginary - Blackened navy


$15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

Immortal, Rain of Flowers

Immortal - Gold Pale gold
Rain of Flowers - Blackened violet with sophisticated violet shimmer

I am really excited for the paint pots! Anyone else looking forward to this collection?

Images and information provided to Handmade Reviews courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.


  1. Taylor,
    Yep, I have been waiting for these babies. The colors look great!

  2. Rain of Flowers polish looks so pretty! <3
    & Rare Exotic.. wow

  3. Dinorah,
    I like the sound of violet shimmers!

  4. I can't wait for this collection <3

  5. Nouf,
    Me too, a few other collections are coming but I am covering this one first because I am most excited for it!

  6. Yay! A new MAC collection. :)
    I really want to try the paintpots also. The shades look pretty. Rain of Flowers polish also looks like a sparkly purple. I like!

  7. wow new paint pots :D I am sooper excited :)

  8. Amy and Rekha,
    I am definitely buying new MAC paint pots! And maybe nail polish, but I'll be so poor.

  9. Omg can't wait for those paint pods! They look amazing, m liking these frosty formula they don't dry out as fast!