Sigma's Bunny Collection: Vegan Brushes (December 5th 2011)

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Sigma's new Bunny Collection, featuring 100% vegan makeup brushes, is set to launch around October.

Sneak peak of a possible vegan kabuki brush. Or perhaps it is a part of the World Cities Collection.

Sigma already has a collection of fully vegan synthetic brushes: Sigmax Synthetic Face Kit. I find their synthetic brushes to be the best brushes they produce. They are softer, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and function just as well as the natural bristle brushes. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if Sigma decided to replace their entire line with synthetic brushes.

What are they brewing in the back room at Sigma? Thoughts?

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Images courtesy of Simone. Edits by Handmade Reviews.


  1. wow tahts awesome! cant wait!

  2. Donna,
    I'm excited to see what they have to offer too. :)

  3. wowo can't wait to see it

  4. hmm, i too do love the sigmax brushes, they are so efficient and lovely. CANT wait for the new brushes and the new collections!

    thanks for this post,i didnt even know!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. It was about time Sigma decided to have a line of vegan brushes!

  6. I agree. :) I always look forward to new products. More options for everyone.

  7. i'm excited..
    look at the red color :D

  8. Yes, the red is beautiful. It reminds me of the IQQU kabuki brush.

  9. I think I will definitely use this! I always use hypo-allergenic brushes for my make up because I have sensitive skin. Can't wait for September! :D

  10. 100% vegan makeup brushes???awesome! Natural Beauty products are in, so sure thing we'll be watch out for it.

  11. I supppper can't wait for their collection! :) Awesome... I'll surely expect great products from them!

  12. What is it going to be ? Complete brush set or separate brushes ? Price range etc.

    When is the date of launch? Any idea ?

    I know that its a bit early to ask but still i don't want to feel sorry for something good that i will miss later on.

    Can you please tell me asap as i just placed my order last night and it is still in processing.

    I am a bit worried now :(

    Waiting for your quick reply.


  13. Bushra,
    Sorry, but I am unclear on the details. You can follow @simone_sigma on Twitter to get regular updates on future releases.