Privé Concept Vert

Privé Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo and Rejuvenating Pure Conditioner

A full size shampoo and conditioner set and a travel set.

Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Forth

These sulfate- and paraben-free Privé products gently cleanse hair with antioxidants, preserve color and strengthen hair, which is great for my dyed and weak hair. I find myself only using a bit of shampoo every time because it foams up a lot. I have been using both the Privé shampoo and conditioner a lot lately and my hair honestly feels softer and maybe even a tad bit smoother. On the downside, environmentally-friendly products are a bit more expensive than your regular drugstore ones. I am still trying to justify the big price tag for the Privé shampoo and conditioner.

The Volumizing Froth, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I use only a dime size amount, rub it in my hand and watch it foam up to a lovely froth. I always apply it on second-day hair and it works wonders. My hair feels light and voluminous while the frizz is significantly reduced. If there is one product you are going to pick up from Privé, let me recommend the Concept Vert Volumizing Froth.

Privè’s Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo, Rejuvenating Pure Conditioner and Volumizing Froth retail for $28, $30, and $24, respectively. Privè products are available at elite salons and spas nationwide. For information on purchase locations, visit

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  1. Oh wow, a paraben/sulfate free shampoo which still lathers!? That sounds good to me! I've used natural shampoos similar to this before but they didn't lather hardly at all. Apparently they don't need to to clean your hair, but it still helps work the product into your hair and feel clean afterwards. I'll have to check this brand out and see if they ship to the UK.

  2. Onyx,
    They do lather quite well and I was surprised too!
    I looked into it for you, and the following UK website sells it:

  3. I will have to let my sister know about this product, because she dyes her hair.

  4. Sunny,
    Thanks for sharing. She might be interested in it.

  5. Well, if you only have to use a little, I guess it's worth it. :) I'm also surprised that it lathers very well. I prefer shampoos that lather because it's much easier to work with.
    I wish being environmentally friendly was cheaper...then I would feel better about it! Harharharhar!
    This line does sound promising though. I'd like to try it out.

  6. Amy,
    Sadly, you need some greens to go green. :(