Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes in Dare, Bare and Flare Swatches and Photos

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This post contains swatches of the Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes. Click here to read the review.

The most anticipated eyeshadow palettes of the summer are finally here and Sigma has generously given Handmade Reviews a chance to try them before the release date on June 24th.


Sigma Eyeshadow Palette in Dare

Dare: Surrender, Gasp, Chase, Escape, Reveal, Catch, Shout, Vanish

Swatches of Dare without flash

Swatches of Dare taken with flash


Sigma Eyeshadow Palette in Bare

Bare: Shine, Control, Snoop, Hitch, Act, Command, Elope, Approach

Bare swatches without flash.

Bare swatches with flash.


The packaging is beautiful and reflects the eyeshadows.

Flare: Crush, Oversee, Define, Publicize, Resist, Gossip, Allure, Beware

Swatches of Flare without flash.

Swatches of Flare with flash.

Each palette comes with an amazing, high quality duo-ended brush. Flare comes with E40 and E45. Bare comes with E25 and E30. Dare comes with E20 and E45.

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Disclaimer: This post contains product(s) sent to me for testing or reviewing consideration. I am neither paid nor compensated for my opinion. As always, my priority is to my readers and I express only my honest opinion in every post.


  1. weird enough, i'd love to have those colors!!! :)

  2. Arianne,
    haha they aren't your typical palettes and the colors are beautiful!

  3. I can't get over the packaging! So gorgeous!!! lol

  4. CollegeCurl13,
    I know, the packaging is so artistic and pretty!

  5. The packaging is super unique! It's like looking at a painting in a museum. Haha. Some of the colors are also really unique too. I'd want that Bare and Dare palette for myself. :)

  6. Amyboo,
    Yea they definitely are. Dare has the most beautiful combination for a sunset look. :)

  7. I'm buyin all of them! :D
    I can't resist them! They have to be MINEEEEE! :D

  8. The Chloee,
    haha, I am also planning to buy another set this Friday!

  9. OMG yoru so lucky! thats awesome! im loving the bare palette!

  10. Donna,
    Thanks! I am super lucky. Sigma is really too generous!

  11. I love the bare palette! (:
    The colors are so versatile!!

  12. Katherine, I'm so excited for you!! I love your swatches and I would also like to add that I love your nail polish color! :-) Hugs!

  13. mimi,
    It is very versatile and perfect for daily use or for a night out :)


  14. i love Dare! ;)
    thanks dear and you are soo lucky..
    *envy ;p

  15. Dare is less versatile than the other two palettes, but the colors are definitely more striking :)

  16. Kaherine I ordered my Bare palette 2day...haha! :D

  17. TheChloee,
    Thanks for commenting! :) I just placed an order too. :D

  18. CopyCat,
    I agree. The packaging is super cute - but bulky.