Everlane: Designer Quality without the Designer Price? Or...

Is Everlane truly worth it? Does it provide quality without the designer price? You would be right to be skeptical.

Everlane boosts the sale of designer quality clothing and accessories without the designer price (or brand name). I'm unsure what they mean by designer quality without the designer costs because the prices are still astronomical. Yes, they are much cheaper than a lot of the brand names, but don't be mistaken in thinking they are cheap by any means.

If you're a crafty shopper, you can get designer clothing for just a portion of the retail price. For example, many J. Crew things goes on sale and then there is that additional 50% off final sales at some point. Combine that with the occasional deals or the amazing 15% discount if you are a student. Not a student? Send your teenage kid to do your shopping. ;)

Everlane designer wear are designer or just basic

I will have to give Everlane a try at some point to test the quality and design, but I can't say it's something I'm excited to try. "Basic" should not have to cost this much unless it is going to last me many years. And from what I've gathered from my reading, "many years" is not something I should be expecting from Everlane or most cotton basics.

Everlane.com Basic Cotton Tees are beautiful but pricey still

Style.com says of Everlane: “We just never understood why the most beautiful and simple products needed to cost so much. We’ve just cut out the middlemen so we can take smaller margins without sacrificing on quality at all.”

Have you bought anything from Everlane.com? Would you ever?

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