Three Blogging Buddies on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for the services of all the men and women - of every country and origin. Thank you for protecting and caring.

Blogging Journal
I've been back to journal writing. I want to write more and think more. I know I have not been blogging as much as I should as of late, but I am trying to change that. I want to challenge myself to do everything a little more and do nothing a little less. I will write in my journal more, write on all my blogs more and read more.

Headphones for lifestyle bloggers
I rely on my Crosley headphones to cancel out external noise to concentrate on the things I do. It actually isn't that great a pair of headphones, but it does its job for now. I think I may have to get a more comfortable pair soon though. These tend to hurt my ears.

MacBook Air for Beauty Bloggers
How would I blog without my beloved MacBook Air? I just downloaded a lomography app (Quick Lomo) for my phone, so I took these photos with it. It's a quick, free and easy app that I'm trying to utilize when I'm out and about the city. Who knows? Maybe photographing things with a different tint will help inspire me to do more than I do.


  1. Beautiful notebook! What app is that?

  2. Hi Bera,
    The photos were taken with Quick Lomo.