Vintage Steals and Deals: Longchamp Leather Bag

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I've had some good luck with my vintage purchases lately. I shop online often and hate returning things, so I tend to have things I kind-of-like and don't-really-love lying around. My recent purchases, however, have all been at least satisfactory or excelled my expectations. Maybe I am buying less impulsively? It's more likely just good fortunes.

Longchamp leather bag sale

My most recent purchase was a vintage Longchamp leather bag in navy blue from One Kings Lane. (Read more about One Kings Lane.) At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to splurge on a used leather handbag that has been out of print since who knows when. (The ladies at PurseForum told me that the golden matte hardwares have not been seen on the Longchamp Roseau handbags in at least 8 years!) When this Longchamp Roseau handbag arrived at my doorstep, however, I was completely convinced. The condition of the bag was perfect and the material felt so soft and good. The quality was fantastic and the bag felt just right in my arms.

Jewelry Storate

In addition to the Longchamp bag, I've also picked up some old jewelry from my local Buffalo Exchange. I finally got around to actually hanging the jewelry on my jewelry stand (from T.J. Maxx) rather than just tossing them wherever. I also got a tray from ModCloth to place my perfume on, but more on that later. (I am so happy with them that I ordered a few more.) I actually have several huge ModCloth hauls I'd like to share soon.

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  1. That's a really beautiful jewelry stand and bag. Please post pictures of the tray!

  2. That bag is so lovely. Great buy!

  3. Thanks Regina, I will have a "tray" post coming soon.

  4. How much was the Longchamp bag? I wish One Kings Lane had bag and designer sales more often..

  5. It was a little more than $100; a really decent price for a quality leather bag.

  6. Lareina Ivens5/17/2013 10:29 PM

    the jewelry organization is so beautiful!