Sigma Paris Makeup Palette Swatches

I know I'm a little late on these swatches since the Sigma Paris Makeup Palette was released a few weeks back. I've been trying to save up the hype for June but I just have to share these now.

Sigma June 2012 Paris Palette
A close up snapshot of the Sigma Paris Makeup Palette.
I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with most of the eyeshadow colors in this palette. For example, Triomphe has the most unusual coloring as it seems to change color from swatch to swatch. It appears like a dark pearl in the palette and when swatched with my finger, but it showed up like a warm brownish color on my skin.

Sigma Makeup
Palette is beautiful as expected from Sigma.

See some eyeshadow, blush and highlight swatches below!

Sigma Cosmetics Swatches
A swatch of all the eyeshadow colors. From left to right: Eifel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay, Elysees, Notre Dame, Triophe, Versailles
Swatches of Sigma Paris Makeup Palette
Swatches with flash on. From left to right: Eifel, Seine, Louvre, Orsay
Sigma Makeup Paris Review
Swatches with flash on. From left to right:  Elysees, Notre Dame, Triophe, Versailles
Sigma Paris Palette Pictures
Blush in Rouge and Peche. Highlighter in Lumiere.
Notre Dame is hands down my favorite color in this palette. I expected a dull purple with lots of shimmers, but instead I received a most glowing purple-tone pigment. I think that $59 is a little expensive, but with the $10 off coupon, it isn't too bad at all considering the palette also comes with two quality brushes (E55 and F40).


  1. Beautiful palette! I like "Orsay" the most!

    1. Orsay is also very beautiful! The whole palette is quite beautiful tbh, just a few fallout on the highlight colors that bothers me.

  2. Great palette not to bright. I love Versailles looks like a great highlight color.

    1. Yes, but it is different from the usual palette, which is what I like most about it!

  3. Those do look very pretty!

  4. they look very very nice:)

  5. Looks nice!
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  6. I love sigma so much! =)

  7. i really really want this palette but $60.00 plus shipping is a little bit too much for me... I hope I'll get my hands on it soon..

  8. The colors are beautiful, and the shadows are pigmented.