Gorgeous Handmade Gift Wrap Ideas

Polka Dot Gift Wrap Ideas
Custom Gift Wrap
If you like these polka dotted gift wraps, head over to Project Wedding and learn how to customize your own. Chelsea Fuss teaches readers how to wrap chocolate bar party favors, but you can easily integrate these cute and simple designs for any gift. They're super easy to make and super cute too!

Homemade Gift Wrap
On her Lovely Junk blog, India de Beaufort teaches readers how to add flowers and accents to ordinary gift wraps. Did I mention that she is also one of the most talented and beautiful woman I've ever seen? If you don't know about her, India stars in ABC Family's Jane by Design. You can also visit her website to hear her beautiful singing. I really can't say enough good things about India!


  1. Amazing hand made gift wrap ideas with flowers. Thanks for sharing, going to try now. Please keep writing.

  2. Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the chocolate surprise inside. mmmm

  4. Great job!
    I found your blog today and it made my day ;)


    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment!

  5. Wow, what great ideas. Although I have not really been a huge DIY person I want to try this myself!

  6. ohh those are cute,i shall try someday :)