Sephora and Urban Outfitters Haul: Clarisonic, BDG

I promise to get back to a regular posting schedule soon. For now, I'll leave you with a quick update on my recent purchases. I know I'm on a makeup ban, but my clothes have been raggedy and my skin has been misbehaving, so I thought I'd have a little Winter treat. (And excuse the poor lighting but my town hasn't seen the sun in days.)

I ordered from Sephora the Clarisonic Mia in pink. They have just released a new one, but I decided that I don't really need to pay $30 extra for an additional speed option that I probably wouldn't use. I've only used the Mia for two days so I can't say I see much of a difference, but I like it already. The size is very convenient for travel. The vibration is a little louder than expected, but I love the feel of it on my skin.
Sephora Haul
Included with my purchase were three sample packets and two deluxe samples.

What really sold me onto ordering on the Sephora website were the deals they offered. I don't care much for the three sample packets that they always included with my order, but this time around they also offered two deluxe samples. I picked a Bobbi Brown eye cream and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I ran out of the Shadow Insurance last month and had no intention of picking up a new one any time soon, so it's nice to be able to carry a small one with me in my bag. I have never tried the Bobbi Brown eye cream before, but I'm looking forward to it. It appears very thick and creamy - plus there seems to be a lot of it!

Bobbi Brown Eye Cream
Bobbi Brown Eye Cream sample

I also picked up a few items from Urban Outfitters. I initially came into the store to get a journal I've been eyeing, but it wasn't on sale in-store as it was online. (I can never understand why a business would have such price discrepancies.) Anyway, UO was having a sale on BDG tops, so I picked up a few sweaters and tank tops. I love layering my clothes during Winter, so I picked up a bunch of the tops in medium, thinking they would have a nice loose fit.

Urban Outfitters Haul
BDG Sweaters. I already wore two so they're not pictured. :)

Some of them turned out to fit as expected, but most of the were way too big. BDG tops mostly run large with the exception of a piece or two. Very inconsistent. I don't think I'll return the loose tops, but I'm going to try to throw them in my dryer on high and hope for a little shrinkage.

Urban Outfitters tanks
Some tank tops to layer under cardigans and sweaters.

Have you made any fun purchases lately? I'm still looking for some cute Winter sweaters. Any suggestions?


  1. It's awesome that the coupon gave you with deluxe samples!

  2. Yea, Sephora always has weekly deals :)

  3. Why is it that the moment I start seriously lusting over the Clarisonic, blog posts about it start popping up again?
    Maybe it's a sign!
    hee hee :)