Happy New Year 2012

Sigma Coupon January 2012 Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone a happy, lively and healthy 2012. What are your New Year resolutions? I know I tend not to keep my resolutions all year, but it helps for at least a month if I make them. I don't have high hopes - just some. *crosses fingers* I hope to work out regularly, consume less junk food and alcohol, and spend less money on things I do not need.

Psst: I recently downloaded Nike Training, a free workout app for my iPhone. I've been loving it like crazy! It's a must try!

Giveaway Updates: Julep Maven Giveaway and Sigma December 2011 Giveaway has ended. The winners will be announced in a few days. The new January 2012 giveaway will be up very soon!
Sigma Coupon 2012: The new February 2012 coupons have been posted on the Sigma Coupon page.


  1. happy new year katherine!

  2. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the holidays!

  3. Thanks Naliadna! Happy New Year!

  4. I wish you happy and successful new year!

  5. Happy new Year to everyone. Let' all have a better and lovelier 2012.

  6. Happy New Year Katherine!
    I wanted to ask you the criteria to get nominated for the handmade review awards??!! i've been blogging since august 2011 and i wasnt nominated:/


  7. Rakhshan,
    Your blog would qualify for nomination. If your blog was nominated but not shortlisted, I really apologize for that. There were a lot of blogs nominated for the 2011 award, but we had to narrow it down to a select few for the shortlist. A few bloggers and myself split up the nomination list and picked out a few blogs to shortlist. If your blog was overlooked this time around, don't fret. We are trying to think of more categories and fun bits to throw in for future awards and community groups. I'm cooperating with a few other beauty bloggers on some future project plans. Your participation is much appreciated!

    Happy new year everyone!