Nail of the Day and UNT Color Nail Polish Swatches

I just thought I'd share my favorite nail polish as of late: UNT Color New Bed Sheets. It's such a vibrant and lovely color. Best of all - it matches my phone case! 
UNT New Bed Sheets Swatches
UNT Color Nail Polish in New Bed Sheets
UNT Nail Lacquer creates a smooth and uniform finish that is ultra vibrant. Its durable and chip-resistant formula enables the high-gloss shine that lasts. The nail polish contains vitamin F to deliver extra repair care - plus it is free of formaldehyde and harmful phthalate esters.

UNT New Bed Sheets SwatchesUNT Libertine Swatches
Nail Swatches of UNT New Bed Sheets and Libertine

UNT Stop the Clock SwatchesUNT Blind Eye Swatches
Nail Swatches of UNT Stop the Clock and Blind Eye

Now if only I can decide on a nail polish for New Years Eve. (Thanks Beth) Any recommendations?
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  1. Haha do you mean new years eve? Unless your planning on next years Christmas eve!?

  2. Haha I totally mean New Years Eve! My brain is still on Christmas!

  3. They all are gorgeous color I'm pretty much indecisive just as you :)
    Where can I purchase them? I am really loving the swatch on stop the clock and blind eye.

  4. JoJo,
    You can find UNT products at :)

  5. Blind Eye is definitely my kind of color. Really pretty!!

  6. Yea, I am impressed with all their colors actually. Very suiting for me this season :)

  7. Stop the clock is very pretty!