Iris Apfel for MAC, MAC Naturally (January 5, 2012 - February 9, 2012)

Another year, another opportunity for MAC to release their always-coming limited edition collections. I've begun to grow tired of their (sometimes rather rushed) releases, especially since they always pick my favorite items to "limit" while adding the less-than-loved items to the permanent collection. I won't be covering all MAC releases - partially because there are so many, but mostly because Christine from Temptalia makes a point to post these details ASAP anyway. (It's better you hear from her promptly than my lazy self.)

Despite the complaints, these collections look pretty appetizing. Not sure I'll have any money left after the holidays to splurge on the goodies, but I'll probably pick up a lipstick or two (or four). Their MAC Naturally collection speaks right to me.

MAC Naturally

Available North America January 5 - February 9, 2012, International February 2012

Hey, Nature Girl! For a look that is simple, sensuous and understatedly sexy,here are nothing-to-hide hues that make you look fresh, relaxed, gloriously “undone.” Brilliantly sheer, high-mineral Skinfinish make your look fresh-as-the-sun radiant. Lipsticks and Lipglass lushly tinted to reflect the wholesome. Eye Pencils with a touch of jojoba, mango and meadow foam seed oils. M·A·C, Naturally is just what you need to do your own thing and keep your look, dreamily, down to earth…

187 Duo Fibre Face ($42.00 U.S./$50.50 CDN)
286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending ($30.00 U.S./$36.50 CDN)

Eye Pencil ($14.00 U.S./$17.00 CDN)
Ebony Soft black
Coffee Muted brown

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN)
Fresh Air Light pink
Hot Spell Bronze with multicoloured pearl
The Wee Coquette Naked neutral pink
Naked Space Creamy mid-tone nude peach

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN)
A Perfect Day Light neutral pink (amplified)
Beach Sand Light tan (cremesheen)
Sweet Sunrise Light neutral peach pink (lustre)
Pillow Talk Mid-tone rosy nude (cremesheen)

Mineralize Blush ($22.00 U.S./$26.50 CDN)
Subtle Breeze Blue pink
Fresh Honey Warm apricot
Early Morning Peachy pink

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($20.00 U.S./$24.00 CDN)
Daylight Peach with dirty blue lavender veining
In The Sun Gold with violet veining
Summer Haze Palest gold with deeper gold veining
Cloudy Afternoon Cream with gold, grey and pink veining
Twilight Falls Cool brown with bronze veining
Mineralize Skin Finish ($28.00 U.S./$33.50 CDN)
Redhead Gold to Salmon Pink Degrade
Blonde Soft Pink to Rose Degrade

Zoom Fast Black Lash ($15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN)
Zoom Fast Black Lash Carbon black

Iris Apfel for MAC

Available North America January 5 - February 9, 2012, International January 2012

A colour collection inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time, Mrs. Iris Apfel. Subject of her own exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and larger-than-life star, Apfel boldly mixed flea market finds with haute couture decades before doing it was considered de rigueur. M·A·C presents Lipsticks, Beauty Powder and Eye Shadows with as much fabulous flair and joie de vivre as the woman who helped create it.
Beauty Powder ($23.00 U.S./$27.50 CDN)
Too Chic Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer

Small Eyeshadow ($15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN)
Silver Gull Blue grey with sparkle (velvet)
Robin’s Egg Mid-tone teal (matte)
Diamond Dove Deep grey brown (matte)
Early Bird Bright coral (matte)
Howzat Deep grey with silver sparkle (satin)

Lip Pencil ($14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN)
Embrace Me Vivid pinkish fuchsia
Entertain Me Clearly orange
Redd Clearly red

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN)
Pink Pigeon Bright cleanest pink (matte)
Scarlet Ibis Bright orange-red (matte)
Party Parrot Bright red-pink (matte)
Flamingo Light milky bright coral (lustre)
Morange Loudmouth orange (amplified)

Nail Lacquer ($15.00 U.S./$18.00.00 CDN)
Oriele Orange Bright orange coral (crème)
Sandpiper Creamy pale stone beige (crème)
Toco Toucan Bright blue fuchsia (crème)

Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black Black ($15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN), Ippecable Brow Pencil in Taupe Mid-tone dirty taupe (15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN),  Eye Pencil in Ebony Soft black ($14.00 U.S./$17.00 CDN)


  1. I can't wait for the Fresh Honey Warm apricot blush!

  2. Adeline,
    It does look good, doesn't it? That's why they get me every time even though I tell myself to stay away!

  3. i love new mac lipsticks!

  4. I usually head for the lipsticks first. ;)

  5. doesn't it irk you that some ppl just copy and paste the images straight from your blog?

  6. I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to, although I can probably guess..

  7. The lipsticks are calling out to me! :) I'm more of a lipstick junkie.

  8. Lovely sticks and very affordable too! Actually this is the 3rd most affordable prices I've seen for a MAC lipstick. Very nice!