Birchbox, MyGlam, Loose Button, Glossy Box, Similar Subscription Makeup Samples? The Full List

One of the biggest beauty business trends of the year is the subscription sample makeup box. I'm sure most makeup fanatics have heard of these services. Basically, you can subscribe to these services for a small monthly fee and every month you will receive box of makeup samples.

Most recently, Michelle Phan (most subscribed beauty Youtuber) has come out with a new service called MyGlam. It's not really any different from the rest except that the box arrives at your door at the end of the month instead of the beginning. But wait, isn't the end of one month is the beginning of another? So yes, it is kind of the same.

I have never subscribed to any of these sample services because I am avid shopper myself and have more than enough makeup. Sure, the samples might sound appealing one month (especially when they first try to reel you in), but who can promise any of next month's samples will be useful? These monthly samples are of no use to me because I get plenty of samples shopping at Sephora,, etc. I can, however, see how these services might be useful for those who want to explore different makeup products and brands but are not frequent shoppers themselves.

In case you are interested in this type of subscription based beauty sampling, I've listed some sites below. Please note that I have personally never tried any of these services and cannot provide a detailed reviews. Correct me if I'm wrong and please add to the list if I'm missing anything!

United States
  • Beautyfix ($49.99/three months)
    • You'll choose the 8 products you want to receive and pay $49.99.
  • Birchbox ($10/month)
    • Each month, you get 4-6 beauty products ranging from samples, deluxe samples, to full sized. You can review the items you receive to earn points and then redeem the points for $ off the full sized products.
  • Eco-Emi ($15/month)
    • Eco-Emi sends out environmentally friendly products, including cosmetics, health, food, and household items.
  • GlossyBox US ($21/month)
    • UK Glossy Box has come to the US.
  • GoGoGirlfriend ($12.95/month)
    • Health and beauty samples with two different membership types.
  • His Black Box ($12/month)
    • Monthly samples for men.
  • Julep Maven ($19.99/month)
    • Hand, nail and foot care subscription.
  • Makeup Monthly ($30/month)
    • There has been rumors of this company shipping out discontinued or expired makeup. As there are so many reliable services available, I do not recommend you try them.
  • MyGlam ($10/month)
    • Michelle Phan's service in which every month, you receive a Glam Bag with 4 to 5 full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples.
  • New Beauty Test Tube ($29.95 + $8.95 shipping = $38.90/three months)
    • This is very expensive, but the products you get are also more expensive than the others.
  • Loose Button or Luxe Box ($12/month)
    • Delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples monthly.
  • Glymm ($10/month)
    • Delivers 4-5 deluxe beauty samples every month.
United Kingdom:
  • Amarya Beauty Box (£10/month or £120/year.)
    • Every month you get one or more full sized product plus samples.
  • Boudoir Prive (£10 + £2.95 = £12.95/month)
    • You get 5-6 deluxe beauty products every month.
  • Feel Unique Beauty Box (£9.95/month)
    • You get 5 deluxe beauty products every month.
  • GlossyBox UK (£10 month + £2.95 shipping = £12.95/month)
    • Every month GlossyBox delivers a mix of 5 product miniatures packed in a beautiful box.
  • Latest In Beauty (starts at £1/month)
    • Get monthly boxes for a higher fee or just a sample here and there for cheaper.
  • Lust Have It ($14.95/month or $160/12 months)
    • Monthly Lust Pack with 5 to 6 premium size samples plus a reward program similar to Birchbox.
Have you every tried any of these services? Let us know what you think!


  1. missglamorazzi talks about birchbox all the time on youtube - if anyone is interested in that they should see her videos

  2. Ol,
    I've actually seen a few of her Birchbox videos. I was never overly impressed, but saw quite a few good samples.

  3. I haven't tried any of these services because I just tend to gravitate towards full-size products. (I get free samples whenever I order from Sephora and I rarely reach for them. They usually sit in my drawer, collecting dust.)

    However, I did check out MyGlam's site and signed up for an account for FREE. I filled out a beauty quiz and then, it asked me if I wanted to purchase a monthly subscription for $10 and I clicked yes. It took me a page to put in my credit card information; however, I couldn't see which makeup products were included in this month's makeup bag. So, then I went to the homepage and saw the 5 products that were included in this month's makeup bag.

    It seems like everyone gets the same thing because it didn't say that it was my "personalized makeup bag." So, I'm just wondering what is the beauty quiz for.

    Also, it doesn't specify the amount of product you get. When I click on the Urban Decay primer, it says there are 11ml; however, the picture shows a mini version of it. Also, it says the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin is included in this month's makeup bag, but I was wondering if it's the full size. The picture of it is the full size, but when you actually get the package in the mail, will the product be full size? If it is full-size, then this month's subscription is worth it because a full size Urban Decay eyeshadow is $17.

    Also, they don't specifically say that a makeup bag will be included. However, if you go to the homepage, they have a PICTURE of a makeup bag along with 5 beauty products and in the FAQ page, it says a "cute makeup bag" will be included each month.

    However, I'm still not going to buy this month's subscription because they don't specifically say the size of the products. Also, I would like to read other people's reviews about MyGlam's customer service and the subscription itself.


  4. As for Birchbox, I'm just not interested because I've seen what other people get each month, and it's something that I would never use or be interested in. Also, they include more skincare products than makeup products. I'm more interested in makeup products; therefore, buying a $10 Birchbox subscription each month would be a waste for me personally.

  5. I joined BirchBox for 3 months but canceled since I didn't find any of their samples worthwhile anymore. The marketing efforts are amazing and its what drew me in. Too bad their actual products weren't as great. :(

  6. I signed up for Birchbox and got my first box this month. I liked what I got so I'll probably continue for awhile. I'm interested to see how MyGlam works out and how people feel about it.

  7. I'm not impress with the birchbox either but I don't mind giving julep maven a go

  8. If you are looking for holiday grooming gifts for a man, go to ForMen2. We have delivered subscriptions for men since July, but you can also order just one-time as a "mystery box" of grooming and skin care products and accessories.

    Thank you!

  9. I like receiving samples when I'm doing physical shopping! Thank you for the list!

  10. There are sooo many of these nowadays! I believe there's another one called "TopBox" here in Canada. I've only ever tried luxebox! can't wait to try more though


    the link i posted is a review of the last myglam bag. I think the bags have gotten worse until now. This bag let the company redeem themselves.

  12. I have IPSY, and i love it! my girlfriends and I all subscribe and can not wait for the bags to arrive every month. BEST products full size and sample size in a different makeup gad every month. luv !