MAC Semi-Precious Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Semi-Precious Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinish ($28 for 0.22 oz)

Glittery, sheen and almost cool-toned.

Swatches of the outer circle, the inner circle, and a combination of both

Like most MAC MSF, Crystal Pink is quite glittery. The fallout on this one is a little worse than usual though. Crystal Pink is nice in that it can serve as a rosy highlighter and a shimmery bronzer or blusher. I think MAC by Candlelight is a much prettier highlighter.

Review Summary: MAC Semi-Precious Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinish
Pigmentation/Texture: Great pigmentation and smooth texture. 5/5
Lasting Power: I'm not a fan of the fallout after a few hours. I blame the glitter. 4/5
Packaging: The usual packaging. The marble cut looks good, but is nothing new now. 4/5
Value: I am normally okay with the price of MAC's MSF, but the product was reduced by a lot. 3.5/5
Overall: Smooth application, but does not stand out among all the MSF. B

Read more about MAC's Semi-Precious Collection released July 7th.


  1. ...and here I thought I was missing out by not buying any of these MSF's. I feel better now! Thanks for your honest thoughts!

  2. the only reason why i like thsi collection is cause of the packaging lol. but thast it :( anyway great review!

  3. Jackee,
    A lot of MSF just end up being the same thing. I don't think there is any huge loss if you miss out on this collection. ;)

    Haha, I think that is the main appeal of MSF. I mean, how many shiny balls of glitter does one need?

  4. Nice swatch...need to get me one