Updates and Upcoming Reviews

It has been a little slow around here, but this is basically what I've been up to:

As I was getting ready to leave the house this morning, my plans got canceled. I had already gotten a good part of my makeup done so I figure I would snap a shot before taking everything off again. On my lips are Origins lipstick in Sugared Peach and NARS lipgloss in Dolce Vita (once again). I am still in the process of trying to use up my MAC Studio Mist Foundation that has been discontinued since who-knows-when. My favorite Revlon Colorstay eyeliner is almost out so I'll probably pick one up tomorrow. Today was a fair day to stay in even though the makeup was kind of wasted. But what can one do on days like these?

Today, I received the quick fix sticks that Solutions That Stick sent to me for consideration. It is a pack of double sided adhesive to fix up broken, ripped, slipping, bursting clothes. I am actually using one of the sticks on my (cotton) shirt today. I am liking it a lot more than I had anticipated. It isn't just double sided tape, after all. It sticks to your clothes firmly without actually being sticky. I will give it a little more time before doing a thorough review though. I have to see how well it will adhere to different fabrics before deciding whether it's a hit or miss.

The face primer I am currently using is Skin Prep FX. I really wanted to like this product. I really did. I was expecting to love it after reading so many positive reviews on it. As of now, this primer is not cutting it. I have only used it twice or thrice, so I won't judge prematurely. Just two days ago, though, I used it under my Bare Minerals foundation and finishing veil and saw no difference at all. My foundation didn't last longer or anything of that sort. I don't have oily skin, but noticed a bit of shine on my t-zone area that day. I don't know if it was the primer or just my skin. And on a more shallow sense, I don't like the look of the primer, which reminds me of oil. It's without oil, I know, but it just looks it. Anyway, I will try to give this primer a fairer and more thorough review in a week or so.

Have you tried the Skin Prep FX? Or any primer you especially like/dislike?


  1. I've been wanting to buy cover fx for soo long and i'm so glad i read your review first! ill continue to keep up with the updates but as of now i lost all interest.
    and you are soo pretty!!!!!!!! you need to post more pictures and flaunt your beautiful self!!

  2. I no longer want to try it lol! i have oily skin, so this might be too much. I still have not found a good primer =/

  3. Donna, I will try to do a more thorough review soon. I hear such amazing things about this primer that I am still not believing that it isn't doing its thing. And you're really too sweet. I don't think I take very good pictures, so I try to avoid them. Thank you for your kind words though!

    Aranza, I actually hear that this is a very good primer for oily skin, so I don't know why I felt like it made my skin oily. Maybe it is because the texture of the primer itself feels like vegetable oil so I just think that? Hmmm, well we will see.

  4. if it truly doesnt work out with this, why don't you try monistat chafing lotion? lol i know it sounds weird but i heard a lot of raves that it makes an incredible primer!

  5. pretty jealous of all this product reviewing--so fun! I love Nars, and may have to go get that lipgloss for my dear friend Micaela whose blog is called Dolce Vita!

  6. heeey :) i love your blog, your makeup looks really nice in this post! that lip colour suits you so well.

    Please check out my blog, it would mean alot!

    All my love, louisa xx

  7. great makeup! and lovely blog. A lot of useful tips.xx


  8. i really like your lipstick:D I usually use the Benefit Face brightening primer. it really works well:D

    i am now your newest follower. Come and check out my blog. and maybe follow me too? thank you!


  9. love your lippy and you are so pretty !
    great review. I use smashbox primer, its great <3