Bliss Love Handler Review

I must admit that I have some cellulite on my thighs. I have tried quite a few creams and lotions hoping to reduce the effect, tighten the skin or something, anything. After months of using Love Handler, I thought to myself, this is it.

Love Handler is another one of Bliss' cellulite reducing and body toning products. I don't really know the difference between this and their Fat Girl Slim except that Love Handler is a gel and Fat Girl Slim is a cream. I am only going to review Love Handler today since I have not tried most of the other products. If you have never heard of any of these Bliss products, here is what Bliss claims about the Love Handler:
A liquid workout for lazy abdominals!
Why we love it
•stimulates skin surface for improved firmness and contour
•energy releasing amino acids firm and burn with creatine
•caffeine stays active for up to 8 hours!

Want to whittle your wiggly waist, tone tummy pudge and keep back fat at bay? Wage war on those not-so-hard 'core' areas with this genius gel, formulated for extended 8-hour caffeine release. With cooling mint oil and naturally-derived amino acid ingredients. 

clinical studies show:*
• 54.5% saw a reduction in the appearance of bloating in the abdominal area
• 50% reported an improvement in tone and contour
• Testers saw a trimmer waist in just 2 weeks
*Results reported from an independent clinical study conducted over a 6 week period.
It must have taken me at least four bottles and over two years to realize that this product didn't flatten my stomach, erase my cellulite or remove any pudge. But don't let that turn you off from it completely. There are good reasons I kept coming back to this product despite its high price ($36 for a 8.5 oz. bottle).

First and foremost, I must warn you that Love Handler is a very runny gel with a strong minty scent. It doesn't smell bad, but strong. That isn't much of a problem for me because I rather like mint, but those sensitive to any sort of medicinal or minty scents should beware. It also feels really minty once applied.

I apply the gel from my ankles to my waist when I feel generous but usually concentrate on problem areas like my thighs and tummy. Immediately, I feel a cool, minty sensation. And that is the feeling that tricks you into believing that something is happening; that it is working.

The product dries very quickly and doesn't leave my skin sticky... but it is no lotion. It will do absolutely nothing to moisturize your skin. So if it doesn't work for you, you can't even depend on it to be a good moisturizer. The scent does not linger too long, but the cooling sensation goes on for half an hour or more, depending on how much you apply.

So does it work? Well, it surely does something. If you apply it religiously (as I had) for several weeks twice a day, you will notice that your skin will appear firmer. It will not take off any fat or reduce your size in any way, but it does seem to miraculously tighten that bit of loose skin. Maybe massaging twice a day contributed to that, but it does tighten. No noticeable cellulite reduction though. =(

The ultimate downfall of Love Handler is that the tightening effect won't last. Like many products of its kind, its effect wears off after you stop using it. So if you want to maintain optimum tightness, you'll have to keep repurchasing this gel. One bottle won't even last you a full month if you are applying as much as you should. Personally, I don't think it is worth the trouble and money.

I still have half a bottle of Love Handler left in my possession. I am not using it right now, but I keep it just in case I have a big pool party or beach trip coming up. I would probably use it a week or two prior to the event so I could look better on that day.

What are your experiences with body firming or anti-cellulite products? Anything you would recommend? Pretty please. I will give up on them if you don't recommend.


  1. Sounds like a good pre-beach treatment! x

  2. I freaking love Bliss I'm actually going to do a review soon of many of their products I've tried over the past couple months. I feel the same way about the love handler great review. Also I'd recommend Nivea Cellulite serum its only 10$ and its 6oz I believe the consistency is similar to Love Handler. I used that before I found FatGirlSlim I might repurchase again. Worked wonderfully then. I also use Avons Gel Bra which is a similar gel its suppose to firm the chest but I use it over my Love Handler on my midsection works great. Also used it on my chest for the shits and giggles actually noticed they got a bit firmer! Lol Well this turned out to be super long post. New follower. =D

  3. Sounds good! I'll give it a try

  4. I havn't found a good product for cellulite yet, I even shelled out for some weird spanish stuff online and NOTHING! x

  5. I haven't found anything great for cellulite yet...not so good! But this sounds promising so may have to give it a try! Thanks for the helpful review :)

    Jenn xx

  6. might give this a go! thanks for the post!

    i've tagged you :) check out my blog-

  7. awesome blog would be awesome if you can come by blog some time

  8. Thank you! I have been searching for a review for this forever. I have cellulite but I think the tightening effect make it worth the buy.