Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender Review

Sigma's latest 3DHD™ Blender has been constantly sold out in stores and on - and for good reasons. The 3DHD™ Blender, patent pending and inspired by Sigma's 3DHD® brushes, features uniquely angled edges that reach every contour of the face with ease. This blending sponge can be used to prime, conceal, sculpt and highlight liquids, creams and powders for high-definition skin.

Sigma Blender Review

I remember the day when the Beauty Blender seemed like such an innovative and unique tool. Then came all the different shapes from different brands. Now, we have the Sigma 3DHD Blender, which has all the edges worked out. I can't believe this was not discovered sooner. You can really get into all the grooves and angles of the face. I really enjoy working with the 3DHD Blender and can see it being especially useful to work on clients or those with angled faces or sharp features.

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