How travel bloggers travel for free

Experienced travel bloggers often get paid to travel to various destinations in the world and write about their travels. Quite often, these bloggers have contracts with larger media agencies. Less often, travel agencies, hotels, or fashion brands will sponsor bloggers to travel for free in exchange for their blog posts. Many travel bloggers you read about are also fashion models and actually travel with a photography team. But how does a regular freelancing blogger without corporate association get to travel for free?

[caption id="attachment_3742" align="aligncenter" width="680"]Fashion and Travel Blogging and getting paid Travel blogger Jessica Stein details her adventures on Instagram @tuulavintage and her blog[/caption]

Technically, you don't. Travel bloggers start out blogging about their personal traveling experiences, vacations, and trips. There is no sponsorship and certainly no pay to start out. The trick is to blog thoroughly, effectively, and to take a lot of beautiful, detailed pictures. Once a writer makes a name for herself through quality blogging, readerships and sponsorships will follow.

For those blogger who love to travel but can't afford the fees, freelancing and picking up little jobs can go a long way. When traveling abroad, au pair (child care) programs pay with a small stipend and room and board. This will allow bloggers to work while exploring their new country. Those who are more committed can consider an English teaching or publication program to work off those travel and visa dues. Or work your regular 9-5 job and save up for these travels.

Just remember to look at everything as an adventure. Every trip you take, no matter how far, can be a travel to write about. Start small and build your audience. Look forward to your trips and eventually they'll come to find you.

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