Sigma Eye Shadow Base, Eye Shadows and Holiday Releases

UPDATE: Sigma Eyeshadow Base Available for Pre-Order! Click here to read more and to order today!

The holidays are drawing near as Sigma Beauty has just announced their plan to release their enticingly new collections of makeup. By the end of the 2012 year, Sigma plans to come out with eyeshadow bases, individual eyeshadows, brow gels and more makeup.

The Bare, Dare and Flare Eye Shadow Base Kits (retails $36) consist of a set of 3 eyeshadow bases and one makeup brush. Eyeshadow bases are essential for smooth long-lasting and highly pigmented eyeshadow application. I hope these can become the new paint pots as I just adore the colors! These eyeshadow bases will also be sold individually for $13 each.

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Base

Sigma Eyeshadow Base Release Date

Next, we have the Sigma individual eyeshadows. I'm picky about my colors. As much as I adore the Bare, Dare and Flare palette, there are colors I love more than others. There are some shadows I would definitely repurchase and others I have little interest in. I am excited to be able to buy these eyeshadows individually.

Sigma Individual Eyeshadows

As much as I neglect my brows, I realize that they are one of the most important features of the face. The shape of your brows can change your face drastically! (Don't believe me? Draw in thicker eyebrows and you will notice an instant younger albeit less tame look.) It is brow gels and tools like Sigma's that remind me to keep my eyebrows well groomed. These products that were sold in the Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit will soon be sold individually.

Sigma Beauty Brow Gel


  1. These look good! I am so proud of Sigma! I remember when they first came out with their SS brushes.. now they are having their own store and all of these new makeup products! They're going to be the new MAC!

    1. They aren't the "new" MAC, as Sigma has a totally different vibe and energy. They're Internet and people based! But yes, I would much rather go shop at Sigma and buy 10 eyeshadow bases for a decent price than get stuck with one or two at MAC's. :)

  2. Strike and Pursue look like they will be really pretty bases!

  3. Wow, I've never been a huge Sigma fan but these products look seriously gorgeous. I definitely can see these doing extremely well.

  4. I am very impress with Sigma's new and upcoming release. They have yet to disappointment with the brushes and I hoping that it will remain the same with their cosmetic line. So far am loving the packaging.