World's Priciest Nail Polish: 267-Carats Diamond Polish

Dubbed the most expensive nail polish in the world, Azature recently launched a $250,000 nail polish that contains black diamonds. Priced at $250,000, this exclusive Azature Nail Polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds that'll sparkle like no other.

All that glitters is diamonds nail polish

Absurd. For Azature, I am sure this is just a marketing ploy to sell their $25 imitation bottle, but the sucker who buys the real deal is... a real sucker. If you have that money to throw around, throw it in a charity bin (or my pocket). Real diamonds will look just like glitter in nail polish.

If you want to wear the $250,000 look, just pick up a $25 bottle of Azature signature black polish. It is supposed to contain a real diamond bit in it along with a shimmery glean that resembles the sparkle of diamond. Let's just pretend all that glitters is diamonds.


  1. That is ridiculous for sure. I would never buy it even if I had the money!