World Luxury Watches: de Grisogono Tondo by Night

de Grisogono Tondo by Night is a highly unique wrist watch designed with the capability to completely transforms itself from day to night. When illuminated, the colors shine and the precious stones crowning the watch are highlighted. The effect is enhanced by other precious stones carpeting the self-winding mechanism. When exposed to darkness, the fire stored up from exposure to light suffuses the Tondo by Night from the inside, restoring life to the pearly high-tech material of which it is made. A whole new watch appears, featuring subtle new color shades, as well as lines re-sculpted by the luminescence.

de Grisogono Tondo by Night

Tondo by Night lights up from inside due to the condensed light from the the composition of the material from which the case and buckle are made: Pearly Photo-luminescent Fibreglass, a composite made from tiny pieces of mother-of-pearl and other precious materials. You can see the magic of the Tondo by Night transformation in the video below:

Tondo by Night comes in six different colors that are both eye catching and illuminating. It can make any wearer stand out - especially in the darkness of a nightclub.

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  1. WOW! Those watches are really something!

  2. oh i really want a pink one

    1. Me too! It's a very pretty color!

  3. Are these expensive? cost?