Three things that make my day just a little better

Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer Review
The Body Shop Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer looks and feels messy upon application, but becomes a brilliant, illuminating highlighter once blended thoroughly. 

gud by burts bees
Güd by Burt's Bees body mist and hand wash smell wonderful and add more joy to my day!

Basil tofu recipe
I made basil tofu - with plenty of peppers and greens. Next time I will add some cashews!


  1. Your tofu dish is mouthwatering. Would you share your recipe?

    1. haha I wish I had a recipe to share. I eyeball everything.


      I cut and fried some firm tofu in olive oil
      On a separate oiled pan, I added a few garlic cloves and shallots
      Finally, I stir fried together the tofu, garlic, shallots, peppers, basil and random greens in my fridge and added a spoon of soy sauce with dab of sugar to taste.

    2. Yummmmers. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to give this a go tomorrow night. :)

    3. Let me know how it goes for you!

  2. the body mist sounds so yummy! i love burt bees lip balms:)
    i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)

  3. The body mist sounds great! I just picked up the bodywash. I love tofu, but I'm allergic, so I do seitan instead.

  4. I've had the chance to try the gud orangepalooza conditioner and love it! that line of products is so good!