Sigma 2012 Promo, April Free Eyeshadow and Paris Trip

Sigma Makeup Paris Palette

Sigma brushes coupon code July 2012 (and new free gift)

The new 10% Sigma Makeup discount code for June has been updated! I want to clarify that some users have been posting that MAY2012 is the new coupon code, which it is not.

STAR2012   10% off  order plus FREE gift when you click & use coupon. (valid June 2012)
AP2012   10% off  order plus FREE gift when you click & use coupon. (valid July 2012)

Sigma also has a new free gift for June: Any purchase of $30+ at Sigma Beauty comes with a free eyeshadow. Unfortunately, you don't get to pick the color and will be randomly assigned an eyeshadow from one of the Sigma palettes in Shine, Grasp, or Crush.

Sigma Paris Project

Remember that free trip to Paris a bunch of beauty gurus were talking about months earlier? Well, on Monday, May 7th Sigma is launching The City of Lights, a limited edition makeup palette inspired by Paris. This limited edition makeup palette contains eight unique eye shadows, two blushes, one highlighter and two brushes! 

Seven beauty experts from the YouTube community were flown to Paris to assist in creating this palette. Each beauty expert used their innovative insight to develop an eye shadow shade inspired by a landmark monument in Paris. These landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Palace of Versailles, the D’Orsay Museum, Notre Dame, and the Seine River.

Sigma Paris Project May 5
Youtube beauty gurus: DulceCandy87, xteeener, MakeupbyTiffanyD, frmheadtotoe, Petrilude, MacNC40, Xsparkage

Though I applaud MAC for creating eyeshadows inspired by renowned beauty bloggers, I am worried about Sigma doing the same with video bloggers. Sigma's selection of beauty video bloggers seem to be based on popularity rather than makeup-creating expertise (although some gurus may be qualified in their own ways). Round-trip flights to Paris and hotel rooms aren't be cheap. Sigma has spent a lot of money designing and marketing this Paris palette. I'm sure they've crafted spectacular background stories into each color. The fear here is that Sigma is wasting the budget of their small company on the superfluous rather than the practical. I truly hope that Sigma has spent at least twice as much money and efforts into make the quality of the product superb. As they've created such marketing hype, I have high expectations for this palette.
Disclosure: I am an official Sigma representative; I express only my honest opinions in every post.


  1. I must agree with you on Sigma doing the same as MAC with video blogger. Some do have the qualifications but I would rather Sigma choosing based on expertises rather than popularity.

    1. Yes and most importantly, I hope the quality of the makeup is really great!

  2. I am curious to see this new palette!

  3. frmheadtotoe is so pretty

  4. Can' t wait.

    From Paris with love!

  5. I would prefer Sigma releasing an awesome coupon that has free shipping AND a discount (rather than an eyeshadow.) I can just never get passed their shipping cost.