Scarlett Red or Blonde? Avengers in Style

What do you think? Is Scarlet Johansson prettier as a blonde or redhead? Personally, I really enjoy the red hair on her. I think it makes her look less washed out and brings out her features better. In addition, she can now be Scarlett in more than one way.
Scarlett Johansson Red vs Blonde
Scarlett Johansson blonde vs. redhead.   image source: instyle
I've just seen the Avengers yesterday. Everyone has been telling me to go watch it because apparently Thor is really, really hot. Since I missed out on watching Thor, Hulk and Captain America, I really needed to go see this. (Okay, so I've only seen Iron Man and Iron Man 2.) Overall, I thought the movie was good but I didn't think Thor was as hot as legend has it  (see pie chart below). I mean, I see the appeal: He is a Norse god and his arm is built like a house. Still, I have to say that Robert Downey Jr. is my absolute favorite in every way. Captain America is too much a pretty boy for my taste; I think I can really get into the Hulk if I watch his movie, which I think I will!
Avengers Pie Chart
My pie chart would look very different.   image source: tumblr
On the note of Scarlett Johansson, I actually really like her in the movie. She is gorgeous with red hair. My boyfriend prefers her blonde, but I think she should definitely stay a redhead. There is also news of her starring in her own Black Widow movie. That'll be exciting for sure.


  1. Red hair for sure :) I don't like the blonde on her, it washes her off. With the red hair, the color of her eyes stands out :D

  2. Definitely Red Hair!!!

    1. It seems to be the majority vote!

  3. all the avengers are really hot!

  4. I do agree with you,better with red hair...I loved the avengers,out of all of them i like more iron man cuz he was funnier :P

  5. Where is Loki in the pie chart?!

  6. Love her black outfit, Shes super hot.