Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Review and Swatches - Candy Apple

Lime Crime Makeup Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple ($17)

Lime Crime Makeup has long been known for the vibrant colors of their makeup, so when they came out with their Carousel Gloss, I knew I had to try one for myself. My first impression of the Carousel Gloss was that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I don't think my picture does it justice, but the bright and fine glitters create such a shine when you swirl the gloss around. Carousel is truly the correct name for this product. The color of the lip gloss itself is vibrant and pigmented, so I don't need to pair it with a lipstick at all.

Just a small dab of the gloss produces plenty of color and shine.

Be careful not to over apply this gloss as one single dab can produce more color than many red lipsticks. The golden red glitters are absolutely beautiful and show up extremely well. If you want that Snow White scarlet red, just apply like you would with a regular lip gloss and you will see the extremity of the Candy Apple glitter lip gloss. This lip gloss is long lasting, but like most long lasting lip products, it can be a bit sticky. Oh, and the gloss will transfer to objects that touch your lips. (So not a gloss the boyfriend will want to kiss.)

A heavier application gives an extremely deep red.

What do you think of Lime Crime Makeup?

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  1. Yes, I love the sharp red so much! :)

  2. I've been wanting to give Lime Crime a try after seeing Nikki over at the glitterbomb review all their lipsticks and Carousel Glosses! You just confirmed that I need Candy Apple in my life :) I think I'm going to pick up My Beautiful Rocket, Glamour101 and Coquette lipsticks as well!

  3. OMG I've ordered this shade and now I can't wait to try it <3

  4. I prefer the heavy application :)
    I'm loving it!!!

  5. That is one gorgeous red to experience!

  6. Such a beautiful gloss! I would love to tray it!