MAC 2011 Holiday Collections: Glitter and Ice, Ice Parade, Dazzlesphere, Viva Glam

Have a very MAC holiday this winter! This vast holiday release by MAC will ensure that every makeup lover finds what she wants. Direct your family and friends to this portion of your Christmas list. Or maybe you will be giving the gift of MAC this holiday. ;)

 Glitter and Ice – Available October 27, 2011 (November 2011 Internationally)
Chic, metallic lip, eye, and face kits and bags are the perfect gifts for all the fabulous guys and gals in your life! These stylish M∙A∙C kits and bags are the perfect accessory during and after the holiday season!

Paint Pots ($18.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN)
 Let’s Skate! Pale pink with pearl
 Morning Frost Shimmering champagne taupe
 For Effect Black with pearl

Mineralize Eye Shadows ($21.00 U.S./$25.00 CDN)
 Fresh Ice White silver mélange
 Snow Season Soft taupe mélange
 Hold That Pose! Pale mauve mélange
 Frozen Blue Blue silver mélange
 Shimmermint Pale green mélange
 Winterized Dirty purple with silver, indigo, and pink mélange

Beauty Powder ($24.00 U.S./$29.00 CDN)
 Snowglobe Frosted pinky beige
 How Beautiful! Pale shimmering taupe

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN)
 Unconditionally Fabulous Super sparkle white (frost)
 Get Noticed! True bright red (crème)
 Festive Finery Dirty mid-tone greyed violet (crème)

Lash ($15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN)

Lipstick ($15.50 U.S./$18.50 CDN)
  Whirls & Twirls Sheer pink with gold pearl (glaze)
  Double Spin Pale mauve pink (cremesheen)
  Soft Sable Cool frosted taupe (frost)
  Eloquent Air Sheer white silver (glaze)
  Such Flare True red (matte)
  What Joy! Deep berry (satin)

Dazzleglass ($19.50 U.S./$23.00 CDN)
 Pleasure Principle Clear white violet, teal, and white pearl
 Dressed to Dazzle Pale dirty pink red and gold pearl
 Glitter and Ice Light nude with white and gold pearl
 She-zam Sheer silver with silver and red pearl
 Love Alert Raspberry red with red pearl
 Spanking Rich Raspberry pink with red and gold pearl

Opulash Mascara ($15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN)
 Bad, Bad Black Black

Technakohl Liner ($16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN)
 Silver Skates Silver with pearl
 Going for Gold Gold with pearl
 Seasonally Spicy Brown with pearl
 Fancy Moves Violet with pearl
 Practice Makes Perfect Navy with pearl
 Smooth Manoeuvre Black with pearl

Ice Parade  – Available October 27, 2011 (November 2011 Internationally)
Bursting with a Holiday assortment of lipglass and lipstick, plus eye shadows and blush in divinely domed snow globe compacts, along with the glitter-handled brushes for blush, shadows and liner…all in ultra-modern makeup bags.

Eyeshadow x6 ($38.00 U.S./$45.50 CDN)
 Howzat Pale lavender (satin)
 Snowball Frost white (frost)
 Warm & Smoky Medium purple (veluxe pearl)
 Idol Eyes (lustre)
 Illegal Cargo Slate (frost)
 Set to Dance Dark royal blue (matte)
 Buckwheat Bark brown (velvet)
 Gaelic Gold Gold (veluxe pearl)
 Patina (frost)
 Magical Mist Sparkle concrete (lustre)
 Winterscape Bright taupe pearl (lustre)
 Midnight Flurry Dark warm black (matte)
 Black Tied (velvet)
 Trax (velvet)
 Shadowy Lady (matte)
 Fun! Pink patina (lustre)
 Lightfully White with pink reflect (lustre)
 Festive Delight Bordeaux wine

Iced Delights Lip Bag ($38.00 U.S./$45.50 CDN)
 Fashion Whim Lipglass Pink flesh (cremesheen)
 Crème de Nude Lipstick (cremesheen)
 Stripdown Lip Pencil
 Deelight Lipglass Raisonette (cremesheen)
 I Love Winter Lipstick Medium passionfruit (cremesheen)
 Boldly Bare Lip Pencil

Iced Delights nail & lip bag ($36.00 U.S./$43.50 CDN)
 Kanga Rouge Lipstick Bright red (amplified)
 Golden Blanket Lipglass Translucent with silver pearl (frost)
 Asiatique Nail Lacquer (cream)
pure drama
 Hang up Lipstick (cremesheen)
 Frozen Lamé Lipglass Frosty nude (frost)
 Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer (cream)

iced delights eye bag ($45.00 U.S./$54.00 CDN)
 Silverwear Metallic lavender (frost)
 Blue Spruce Marine blue with lavender sparkle (velvet)
 Graphblack Technakohl
 Zoom Fast Black Lash
 275SE Brush
 Taupeless Lavender pink (lustre)
 Celestial Black Rich blue black with red pearl (velvet)
 Purple Dash Technakohl
 Zoom Fast Black Lash
 275SE Brush
 Baby, It’s cold… Butter yellow frost (frost)
 Woodsmoke Muted emerald green (frost)
 Brown Border Technakohl
 Zoom Fast Black Lash
 275SE Brush

make it perfect brush kit ($49.50 U.S./$59.50 CDN)
 286SE Duo fibre tapered blending
 282SE Duo fibre shader
 190SE, 129SE, 275SE,
 266SE , 226SE
special edition
 167SE Bronzer Brush,
 168SE, 239SE, 217SE, 212SE

fabulously festive face kit ($59.50 U.S./$72.00 CDN)
 Golden Flurry Eye Shadow Nude sparkle (lustre)
 Soft Brown Eye Shadow
 Carbon Eye Shadow
 Omega Eye Shadow
 Join The Party Lipglass Creamy pale peach
 Mellowarm Lipstick Medium peach (frost)
 Seasonal Appeal Blush
 129SE Brush
 275SE Brush
 266SE Brush
 Phloof! Eye Shadow
 Quarry Eye Shadow
 Dance in the Dark Eye Shadow
 Brun Eye Shadow
 Emancipation Lipglass Creamy light pink
 Hot Gossip Lipstick Medium pink (frost)
 Mocha Blush
 129SE Brush
 275SE Brush
 266SE Brush

retailer/nordstrom exclusive ($59.50 U.S./$72.00 CDN)
festive frost face kit
 Expensive Pink Eye Shadow
 Once Upon a Time Eye Shadow Metallic vanilla (veluxe pearl)
 Embark Eye Shadow
 Below Zero Eye Shadow Bright eggshell
 Tra-la-la Lipglass Sheer nude sparkle (frost)
 Imagine This Lipstick Medium beige (cream)
 Buff Blush
 129SE Brush
 275SE Brush
 266SE Brush

Viva Glam – Available October 27, 2011  (November 2011 Internationally)
Every cent of the selling price of all VIVA GLAM products is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women and children affected by with HIV and AIDS.

viva glam melt your heart lip bag ($36.00 U.S./$43.50 CDN)
 Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick Pink (lustre)
 Viva Glam Gaga 2 Lipstick Nude (amplified)

kids helping kids tree teddy holiday ornament ($18.00 U.S./$22.00 CDN)
 Silver Teddy Bear
 Viva Glam 1 Special Edition Lipglass

Dazzlesphere! – Available November 10, 2011
Everyone has a favourite type of product they love! This holiday season give them a fabulous group of four of their favorite nail lacquers, pigments, or lipglasses in a one-of-a-kind Dazzlesphere!

dazzlesphere! mini nail lacquer kit ornament ($25.50 U.S./$30.00 CDN)
 Dark Angel
 Style Tip Soft pink nude
 Much Adored Sheer white pink with pearl
 Mistletoe Pale gold

dazzlesphere! crushed metallics pigment kit ornament ($32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN)
smoky berry
 Rose Light
 Spicy Smoke Dark strawberry
 Roasted Chestnut Deep chocolate with gold pearl
smoky blue
 White As Snow Snowy white
 Silver Sleet Medium grey
 Wintersky Purple blue
 Dark Moon Charcoal
 Light Violet
 Seasonal Cool Sparkle taupe
 Misty Pale silver

dazzlesphere! ornaments mini gloss kit ($32.50 U.S./$38.50 CDN)
 Bare Necessity (dazzleglass)
 Get Rich Quick (dazzleglass)
 Boy Bait (cremesheen)
 Over Indulgence (cremesheen)
 Phiff! (dazzleglass)
 Eurobeat (dazzleglass)
 On The Scene (cremesheen)
 Richer, Lusher (cremesheen)
 Rags to Riches (dazzleglass)
 Like Venus (dazzleglass)
 Fashion Scoop (cremesheen)
 Petite Indulgence (cremesheen)

Holiday Cards - Available October 27, 2011 (Internationally November 2011)
Don't forget the holiday cards! MAC sure knows how to cover all their bases.

wonderfully wonderful holiday cards x6 ($10.00 U.S./$12.00 CDN)
 6 Greeting Cards with envelopes

wonderfully wonderful holiday cards x12 ($10.00 U.S./$12.00 CDN)
 12 Greeting Cards with envelopes
Disclaimer: Press images and information provided by MAC Cosmetics.


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