Twilight Hairstyles: How to get hair like Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson...

I found this bit of information the other day and thought the Twilight fans would enjoy it. My apologies to my non-Twilight fans.

If you are interested in the hairstyles of these Twilight stars, you can watch the PRO Beauty Tools tutorials below in which the Twilight styles are recreated by Academy Award Winning Lead Hairstylist, Beatrice De Alba.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 that premieres in November will be featuring PRO Beauty Tools' Twilight Limited Edition styling tools. The Twilight Limited Edition collection include a Ceramic Ionic Dryer, Ionic Steam Hairsetter (Rosalie), Ceramic Curling Iron (Bella), Ceramic Flat Iron (Alice/Esme), Ceramic Detailer (Edward) and corresponding brushes.

Twilight Hair Tutorials
What are your thoughts on the hairstyles? Or the Twilight movies in general? I may never go see the film, but I am definitely a fan of Ashley Greene.

Disclaimer: Tutorials are provided for readers' benefit. I am not affiliated with Twilight or PRO Beauty Tools in any way.


  1. I read in a magazine that Robert Pattinson just splashes water on his hair and styles. My brother has the same blessing! Haha!

    Personally, I believe the movies are x300 times better than the books. I'm not afraid to say that Stephanie Meyer is not my cup of tea. Maybe she was expecting her audience to be 10 year olds because that's the level of which the books were written.

  2. Amy,
    haha I think you are right about the book audience.

  3. woaa.. cool!
    thanks for sharing, the videos are unlisted :)

  4. I'm a fan of this movie and had read the books as well. I'm kinda excited for the movie this November, but I guess the stars doesn't look like one..Was that really a style?I have that hair every