La Ishá Nutrient Rich Face Creme

La Ishá is an all natural holistic skincare line with products made without synthetic chemical preservatives. I have recently had the chance to try their Nutrient Rich Face Creme. It is super moisturizing, good for those with dry skin during the winter months. It is slightly heavy for younger skin during the summer months, but would make a good plumping moisturizer for mature skin.

Designed to support the health and beauty of dry, dull, aging and environmentally stressed skin, this La Isha nutrient rich face creme contains an international blend of therapeutic oils that are highly compatible and easily absorbed. It is known to increase turnover rate of skin cells, fight wrinkles, soften skin, and supply important essential fatty acid nutrients for skin health and cell metabolism.

I really don't like the packaging. Desite my fondness of the square-shaped container, the packaging comes off looking and feeling cheap. Now, I am not one to be deterred by packaging (Chanel Teint Innocence is my favorite foundation, after all). It's just that at $75 per bottle, I feel that they can do so much better than this penny packaging. Not only does the lid feel like a light chunk of plastic, but the sticker that brands the La Ishá logo looks like it was stuck on at the very last minute. I like this moisturizer, but I would suggest a total makeover if they are marking the price this high.

La Ishá skincare products can be purchased at I would recommend this for those aged 30 and up who needs an extra punch of moisture. As this moisturizer is very expensive and quite heavy, I do not recommend it for younger girls or those with oily, acne-prone skin.

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  1. holy crap at the price!
    defintely for the older demographic
    sounds promising though, iv got oily combo skin so not for me
    Breezeybee Blog

  2. wow the price is expensive! Must be nice product!

  3. You are right about the packaging. At this price they should make a removable hello kitty lid covered in gold and sprinkles! :D great review!

  4. Andreea,
    haha yes sprinkles!

  5. the person who have dry skin need this product!
    fall is coming to close we need this. we have to endure the dry weather

  6. The product is interesting. I agree with the packaging. Its appearance doesn't justify the price. It will only make customers doubt over its quality.

  7. Dry skin annoy us specially in the winter season so now we can use the La Isha skincare product and its totally safe to use.We can purchase the product through their site and apply this on our face.