EOS DMC Circle Lens: Natural Eyes Enlargement

Mukuchu Circle Lens
EOS Series E (14.0 mm) DMC circle lens from Mukuchu.

This is the first pair of circle lens that I actually wear out. I have really bad eyesight accompanied by astigmatism. These toric lens are my actual prescription and work exactly the same way as my prescription contact lens from the optometrist. My eyes are pretty dark and my iris are naturally quite big, so I have trouble finding circle lens that fit well and look normal. These DMC circle lens are perfect. They are a similar color to my eyes and they have pretty good enlargement effect. I imagine that on lighter eyes, they will pop and look even more beautiful because the design will show up more clearly.

Before and after circle lens. Notice the natural enlargement and darkening effect.

Mukuchu Circle Lens by www.handmadereviews.net
Wearing EOS DMC circle lens from Mukuchu.

These circle lens are extremely comfortable and unlike the other circle lens that I've worn. I felt a slight discomfort for one second while putting them on, but then I felt absolutely nothing! Throughout the day, I forgot that I wasn't wearing my normal contact lens. I wore these circle lens out all day with one of my best friends and she did not even notice them in my eyes. But as you can see from the pictures above, they do make a difference! These are definitely lens I can wear on a normal basis without hassle.

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  1. Your eyes are so dark! :O The lenses just look a little bigger, but still very nice on you. :)

  2. Amy,
    Yes, they look almost black in most lighting. I like the subtle enlargement because I can wear it to school or work without anyone questioning! :D

  3. its like a bigger version of your eyes. i personally love dark eyes <3

  4. MSodapop,
    Yea, I forgot they weren't really my eyes after a few minutes of wearing them. :D Thanks!

  5. I personally find it scary for some reason >_<

  6. Nouf,
    an abnormally large iris always makes things look a little scarier ;)