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StyleMint Review

StyleMint Tee

Melrose tee

I really like the buttons on the sleeves and the front of the shirt. I am glad I chose the Melrose shirt in navy, because I don't think I would have liked any of the other designs as much. The fabric is thin and the quality is decent, but I do not think StyleMint shirts are worth $30 at this point. They might be worth half of that or just a bit more. I heard that they are considering sweaters or other designs in the future, which I will be delighted to try.

What is your take on StyleMint? (Click here to read my previous StyleMint posts.)


  1. I just ordered a Melrose in pink! Can't wait until it gets here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy,
    How exciting! Remember to tell me how you like it. ;)

  3. It's a nice shirt!...Yet, I don't think it's really worth $30 either. I think I could find a similar one for a quarter of the price. :(

  4. Amy,
    Yes, sweaters or jackets would be a different story

  5. i think i am going to get one since everyone has been talking about it so much

  6. Carmen,
    No peer pressure please :D

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