Blogging Tips: Improving Your Alexa Ranking

Increase Alexa Ranking Fast

Increase your Alexa ranking firstly by understanding Alexa. It's simple: Alexa gathers visitor information from people who use the Alexa toolbar. The more visits and clicks, the better your rank. The fastest and easiest way for you to increase your Alexa ranking is by installing the toolbar and visiting your own website often. Encouraging your visitors to use the Alexa toolbar will help immensely.

The problem with some blogs and websites is that visitors might not be webmasters themselves. This means that they probably have no use for an Alexa toolbar. Thus you may have fifty thousand unique visitors a month, but only a small portion of those visits actually count. There is little you can do about it except try to get more visitors and produce some content that may interest website owners and people who do use Alexa.

Because Alexa uses such a simplistic and flawed method to rank websites, the Alexa ranking does not have much value... but a lot of people (advertisers) take Alexa seriously - so it might be wise to attempt to increase your Alexa ranking even if Alexa results are not even as important as Google Page Rank (which is considered unimportant by Google).

What is a good Alexa ranking?
It depends on your competitor. Most people thrive for under 100,000 so they can have a history page on Alexa.


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  2. Alexa is great stuff but do you think that it influence how search engine perceive your website or benefit your SERP's search engine ranking page and Page rank nice article thanks for sharing

  3. Maurituis,
    I am not expert, but I definitely don't think it affects Google search ranking whatsoever.