To earmuffs or not to earmuffs?

My lovely earmuffs broke a few days ago. I'm pretty upset; I wasn't expecting them to go any time soon. I haven't decided whether I should buy new earmuffs or invest in a really good hat. Hats never keep my (rather large) ears warm, but I've been dorking around earmuffs alone for quite some time now. Is it time for an upgrade to a sturdy hat? Not easy since I have been eying these UGG Stripe Cable Earmuffs from ASOS:

I'd prefer the baby pink multi (right) or ivory multi, but the brown multi one is marked down from £50.00 to £30.50 so I may have to settle. I'd like to justify this purchase by categorizing muffs as an essential to my winter wardrobe. Essential, right?

Oh, I've received a new camera (yay!) so expect decent pictures of things in the future. :)


  1. Oh I want some earmuffs too!

  2. I have 20 USD Skullcandy headphones that work very well for earmuffs! Hats do keep my head warm, but earmuffs could still do the job alone!
    I'm sure you can find just as cute earmuffs without having to dash out 50£!

  3. Earmuffs <3 they are cute =w= yet they also reduce the hearing alot when you are outside haha...
    and yes I would pick the one on the right aswell~
    Congratz on getting your new camera! x~