eyelash eyelash Ebay - and Chanel!

For Halloween I decided to try some false eyelashes from Ebay for my costume. Though the shipping was almost immediate, it came from Thailand and didn't arrive soon enough for Halloween. (I had to run to the drugstore Halloween-eve.) I wasn't disappointed though because I paid only $1 and received 10 sets of eyelashes! Although the lashes I got were pretty long, they were not overly dramatic, which I really like. And for that kind of price, who can complain?

Upon initial sighting, I noticed that the materials were obviously plastic. They did not even feel like synthetic hair, just straight plastic. I was really turned off by that initially, but it turned out not being a problem at all. It didn't look much different from the synthetic ones you get in drugstores once you applied it on and added some mascara. It actually appeared glowier and healthier that the regular stuff. I used my own eyelash glue, Duo adhesive. It dries quickly and stays on all night. It smells pretty awful before it dries, but the adhesive is something I would definitely recommend. The eyelash glues that come with most lash kits (the one from Ebay didn't come with any adhesive) are generally horrible and should not be trusted.

False eyelashes are a special occasion kind of thing for me, but with ten sets just sitting around my vanity, may play with them more often from now on. Just look at the beautiful length in the after picture. I wish my natural lashes could be so vibrant and long! If anyone is interested, I would say to give these things a chance. There are many different lengths and sellers on Ebay. Although I don't think these lashes are anything to rave about, they are definitely worth a try for their price.

Just to sneak in a holiday gift idea: How fantastic is this limited edition Chanel nail lacquer trio in Particulière, Paradoxal and Steel? I would wear these babies all winter long. To buy or not to buy? As the set retails for $69 and I have dupes for all of these colors, I think I will pass on this and just savor the beauty of the image. Enjoy.

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  1. i think $69 is wayyy too much for polishes