My NARS order came in today, a day earlier than the tracking report. Yay! I love getting packages in the mail. It always feels like Christmas. Even though I paid for it and know exactly what I ordered, I still get so excited. And NARS packaging is great. The black tissue paper is a nice touch.

I am a little disappointed with this order though. Just a little. The mini lip gloss trio I was supposed to receive turned out to be a mini lip gloss duo in Dolce and Striptease. :( I won't complain because it was a free gift and NARS probably ran out, but I wanted the gloss in Turkish Delight. I like Striptease so it isn't all bad.

In case you missed my previous NARS post, I bought the blush for $26 plus tax and everything else (including shipping) was free. Yay deals! Here is what I got:

NARS blush in orgasm. 

Orgasm is my favorite blush color from NARS. The name is quite risqué, but the color is fair and flattering. This powder blush is finely pressed and goes on very smoothly when applied with a fluffy blush brush. Orgasm is probably best on people with lighter skin as it won't show up well on darker skins. When it works for you though, it will give you a believable peachy pink flush. It's light but vibrant with a slight hint of sparkles without the glitter mess.

NARS half size nail polish in orgasm.

I have not tried the nail polish yet, but I think it is very nice that the freebie comes in half the size of the original (retails $16), not a little sample size. Don't let the photo fool you, this nail polish is a beautiful orange-tone pink with fine gold iridescence.

The cute little pouch that the nail polish came in.

I was pleasantly surprised that NARS threw in this black pouch. This will be useful to store small makeup items. :) 

Mini Lip Gloss Duo in Striptease/Dolce Vita

The mini lip gloss duo is no trio, but not too bad. Each gloss color is 0.07 oz, 1/4 of the full size tube. Surprisingly, this little duo contains half the product of a full lip gloss. Either the mini duo is bigger than it seems, or NARS makes their regular products look like they contain a lot more gloss than they do. Striptease is a pearlized beige sheen that is perfect as a sheer gloss. It pairs well with a nude lipstick, but Turkish Delight is more vibrant and glossy pink, which I find more flattering. Dolce Vita, a dusty rose with good consistency, is great to soften a red or brown lipstick. This is my first time trying Dolce Vita and I've got to say that I love it. I think it looks fantastic by itself. The earthly tone makes it glamorous and natural at the same time. NARS lip glosses are a bit sticky, but worth it for its vibrant color and good staying power. 

My attempt at swatches with a phone camera. *shakes head* Bare lip gloss.

Have you been shopping lately? Is there anything you have been dying to try?


  1. What a lovely and pricey haul!:D

    I've never thought of the Orgasm polish and wow, it's a pretty shade!:D
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  2. That's so awesome Kat!

    I should really get to trying that varnish.


  3. Yay! I want to get a few NARS stuff soon. That's stupid, though, that they sent you only a lip gloss duo, when they promised a trio?! I don't like their lip glosses but still. I have Orgasm blush, it's also one of my favourites!

  4. love Nars, i really must get the orgasm cheek are always sweet!


    hope you stop by and say hello. x

  5. I'm interested in the Orgasm nail polish, would love to see a review on it. That little pouch is so cute! xXx

  6. The duo looks gorgeous, especially as a free gift !! I've actually been dying to try Turkish Delight too :)

  7. Hey that IS a haul!! And $26 for the whole pile of it?? JACKPOT girlfriend!!


  8. That looks fab - I want the polish! x

  9. Thanks girls,

    I will try to put a review and more pictures of the Orgasm polish up soon :)

  10. oohhh nice.. haven't done any make-up shopping lately.. aaah!! must hit sephora soon! :D

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  11. oh wow nars added a lots of freebies =) gotta love it! and i so agree with how getting packages feels like Christmas! lol we know EXACTLY whats in them but we still get super happy!

  12. nice haul girlie! lots of orgasm! hahaha :P

  13. Nice haul the blush and mini lip glass duo are so pretty

  14. Nice lip gloss colours!! :)

  15. aww love the little nail polish.

  16. never tried Nars before, it looks good. might consider it.

  17. Everything looks so pretty and I love the nail polish!

  18. lovely haul! new follower.

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  19. I love, LOVE Nars blush!! And those glosses look great on. Will have to try them.

    PS. I am now following your blog. Love it. Thanks for following me.

  20. what a great NARS haul.. of all the NARS items i have ive never bought orgasm.. gotta look into it one day!

  21. I've not gone shopping in forever T_T so sad...but this haul is nice!! Have you ever ordered something and completely forgot about until it arrives and you're all excited hahahaha~


  22. Thanks for your kind comments everyone! =) I am very happy with this haul too.

    Lily, haha yes! I love that more than anything. It is better than getting presents because it is something you know you really want!

  23. I definitely need to try more Nars products. Only own two lip glosses their ever so popular striptease and turkish delight might dab into their blushers and lipsticks. I also want to try Sheer Glow foundation.