How to get better free gift options from Sigma

If you’re a frequent shopper of, you probably notice that Sigma free gift offers change pretty often. For those unfamiliar with the free gift offer, Sigma gives you free gifts on orders of $30+ from their official website only. The free gift offer rotates, but is frequently a deluxe makeup sample. Keep reading to learn how you can get better free gifts with your purchases for May 2016! You can even combine the free gift offers with the Sigma 10% off discount codes or other free shipping offers!

Sigma free gift offers get better with a higher shopping tier

First of all, Sigma’s free gift offer allows you to select your own free gift. The free gift offers change according to the price range of your purchases. If you are close to mark, it might even be worth adding a little more to your cart to reach the next step so you can get that really useful makeup brush you’ve been wanting.

At the moment, you can get full sized face brushes or even brush cup holders for free if your Sigma order is $150 or greater. Just look at the options below for more free gifts offered at this moment! Obviously, the free gifts will change with time.

Sigma free gifts for orders greater than $150 in 2016 from includes your choice selection of one from all of the above.

Sigma free gifts for orders greater than $100 in May 2016 include some full sized precision face brushes!

When you order greater than $50, mini eye brushes become part of the free gift selection.

Sigma free gifts for orders of $30+ includes only the deluxe makeup sample at this moment.

The most up to date Sigma coupons and free gifts can be found on the Sigma coupon code listing.

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