Portland made donut ring accessory and donuts

Portland made donut ring accessory and donuts

Every armoire needs to include a subtle and playful accessory piece, right?

I picked up an adorable and delicate gold ring from the MadeHere PDX store while I was in Portland this week. MadeHere sells a lot of local handcrafted gifts and accessories made by local artists in Portland. I opted for the gold ring with “donut” inscribed because I had just eaten at Voodoo doughnut. It’s a cute and fun piece; and my favorite accessory of the moment.

Donut ring and donut

Donut ring paired with a Blue Star donut

I didn’t have a chance to snap a Voodoo picture, but I quickly made up for that by getting a Blue Star donut, which I find superior to Voodoo.

Donut ring with beer

Donut ring paired with a beer flight from a Portland brewery

What are some of your favorite fun accessories?

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